First Grow, Budget, Outdoor, Tidy Cat Buckets

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First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets

Sprouted June 6-8. Promix soil and nothing else at first. Started with 5, they were in jiffy pods for a few days but couldn't get enough light so outdoor into these buckets they went - into partial shade for a couple weeks to harden them up. I moved them in during rain and wind.

I decided I would try LST after they got big enough but didn't really know what I was doing. I used some rope and zip ties to crudely get the job don't. I wasn't comfortable enough yet to try topping.

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 2

Experimenting with bamboo sticks. 😂

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 3

Pest issues came to be an issue so I tried Neem oil ready to use spray for the first time. I think I overdid it a bit and my plants got real droopy and unhealthy looking. I now know how to properly apply it.

Lost one plant to being male and another to a mystery. Everyone on Reddit insisted overwatering but that is not the case with this plants death. Here are the photos of it's decline.

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 4

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 5

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 6

Last ditch effort, I tossed it in the ground. This killed the plant. After inspecting the soil and roots I found this, idk what they are.
First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 7

I eventually moved 2 of my plants, both Pancake, to sit on the ground near a fence. I regret placing them so close to the fence, but the roots have grown out the bottom and into the ground (I discovered this after trying to pick up my plant and hearing the roots rip from the ground lol). I think that's why they've been able to grow so tall in their buckets? Here they are a month or 2 ago not sure the date.

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 8

My r3rd plant, All Gas, sits on a picnic table, away from the pests I'm hoping. It's mobile so I've been moving her in from the rain and wind.

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 9

I eventually became brave enough to try some nutes, Dr Earth AP for veg. I also added worm castings. I gave my nutes at half strength.

The first time I gave nutes to All Gas I gave her 12 the dose by using the wrong scoop! I flushed very thoroughly for 2 days and then was too scared to replace them before I was sure. I waited 2 weeks and fed her. She looked rough but we are on the other side hopefully.

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 11

First grow budget outdoor tidy cat buckets 10


Here we are today! I know I left a lot out but I wanted to kind of document this a bit for myself and others.

all Gas
20220908 190245
20220908 144755
20220908 144349
20220908 084516

20220908 084524

And Pancakes! These are 5 ft tall approx

20220908 190336

20220908 190359
20220908 145326
20220908 145552 compress95
20220909 091931


20220916 144647
20220916 144559
20220916 144538
20220916 143700

The little black bug worm.thing just showed up! I've put out Swirskii though so I hope they take care of them. Not sure.

I've lost several smaller buds to rot and caterpillars. Next year I'll be using bug nets and BT much sooner in the grow.

20220916 084731
20220916 085007


Well I chopped part of my All Gas a couple days ago. First time harvesting obviously. I had a very difficult time getting good pics of the tricks. I decided to chop the main colas after some serious root stimulation and flushing. Too many caterpillars for comfort. Here are some pics of the plant and what I could get of the trichs. If anyone can tell me if this chop was early or about on time I would appreciate it.

20220920 180958
20220920 181055
20220920 181108
20220920 131505

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