First Grow Diary - Gelato (Clones) - 2nd Week of Flowering.

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Hi everyone! Here's an update on my first grow attempt of Gelato clones. They are growing each day, but, I'm not sure if they'll get taller or be short. I wait for my medium to start getting dry before I feed. I don't overtop since I'm trying to keep my medium not too wet. The Lotus nutrients seem to be working well with these ladies. I add about .2g more of the recommended nutrients when feeding and they all been loving it. I did experience minor gnat issues in the first week of flowering. That was contained (killed about 3 and they disappeared). I'm excited to continue seeing the growth. I appreciated your feedback.

  • Strain: Gelato (Clones).
  • Medium: Coco + Perlite + Soil.
  • Water: RO (Reverse Osmosis)
  • Nutrients: Lotus.
  • Weeks: 4 1/2 weeks Veg, 2 week Flowering (Some pruning made in the 4th day of flowering).
  • Stage: Flowering.
  • PH: 5.8 - 6.0.
  • Lighting: Phantom PHENO 440 LED.
  • Knob Position: 100%
  • Room Temp: 69 - 80 degrees.
  • Room Humidity: 45 - 55.
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