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Hi Everyone, first time cannabis grower who could use a little advice. (Plants are healthy, lol)

I planted two Girl Scout Cookie Extreme Autos, as of today they are 52 days old from sprouting.

All the info I can find online is 7-9 weeks to harvest, but at 7 weeks and 3 days these aren't even close.

Does anyone have any experience growing GSC Extreme autos? Is this normal at 52 days?

Plant info.
Planted one in 5 gallon, the other in 1 gallon (this was a test to see what pot size did to the plants.)
Both grown in Coco with Dr Earths. One gallon plant is 26 inches tall, 5 gallon plant is 22 inches tall.
I had slow growth a few weeks ago for about a week, but recently they seem to be taking off again.

Light is 100w SpiderFarmer set to 90% only about 14" away. Watering when dry by weight, typically every other day at this stage.

Thanks for the insight.


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