First Grow - Indoor, organic, and progress

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Hey farmers, I wanted to share some of my progress on my first grow, both hybrid strains. I have not fully engaged in the forums as I felt I have not had anything of interest to share. Now that I am nearing the end of my first grow, I wanted to provide some pictures of what it looked like for me, and some issues I had along the way. Week 6 of flowering has just begun as of this Friday, the 29th.

I have used a super soil style recipe that only needed water. The seedlings were started in coir, then transferred to FF happy frog mixed w/ compost, then finally transferred into the final pots they are in now, 5 gallon. The recipe used bone meal, humic acid, FF happy frog, worm castings, greensand, bone mineral, kelp meal, dolomite lime, gypsum, perlite, blood meal, and epsom salts.
I had run into some issues regarding fungus gnats, but these were promptly removed via the introduction of a treatment of nematodes.
Here are some pictures of the ladies during veg.

*The picture where they are the most developed is the day that they were switched to 12/12 lighting.
First grow   indoor organic and progress
First grow   indoor organic and progress 2
First grow   indoor organic and progress 3


The larger one on the right had experienced some severe overwatering at the beginning of its life cycle, but somehow managed to rebound after I let it dry out for about a week. Here are some pictures of them a few weeks after flowering, up until how they are today.

The strain that is on the right side of the tent has an 8 week flowering period, and it looks to be reaching maturity by the presence of a few amber trichomes.
One thing I have noticed is there has been a lot of leaves falling off of the left two plants, which is not accompanied by any other alarming symptoms. I am assuming it is due to senescence and late stage flowering, however I feel the amount is greater than I expected.
Aside from this, they have been in rather good shape and I have only needed to figure out proper watering habits to ensure they are healthy.

**The tent is 4x4. ~200 cfm fan is running constantly. Light is an HLG 260watt Rspec, at around 20 inches from the top of the canopy. I used a 26 watt LED bulb to start the seedlings, and switched over to the Rspec once they reached a decent size.

One thing I would like to work towards is creating a journal for growing in Coir. I am likely to invest in a drip irrigation system at some point, and would like to document the process along the way. Once I am able to automate watering, I think moving towards hydroponics is an appealing route to take.
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