First Grow Journal - 4th Grow. Relentless Genetics White Cookies

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Day 51
Slow on the updates. Had to hit the road for a few days. But who cares about that. This weed is getting nice

A new milestone for me - buds so heavy they're weighing down the stalks. Is there a way to harden off stems a little more? We've got a date with 20 yoyo's tonight

Dialed back the adjustable Mars 1200 to just red spectrum. Timber grow light 225w cree frame is supposed to arrive today so I'll set that up in place of the other 1200. Not sure if switching spectrums is the right move this late in the game but i bought the thing so I'll run it the last week or two. Once this run is done I'm going to hack up one of the 1200s with some Cree cobs and see how that goes

Been mostly adding UcRoots, late bloom nutes by current culture to maintain nutrient levels

Ppm 1400 (starting to dial back feedings, may do one or two more at lower ppm)
Ph 5.5
Water temp 65
Air temp 78
Night temp 65
Humidity 40-50% (just running single disc house of hydro setup on a recycle timer since I don't have a humidistat)
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