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Hi all,

I am from Germany and I am very happy to be here with you which gives me the chance to learn a lot. You must know that since the 1. of April it is allowed for us to grow our own stuff ;D … and I surely did not waste any time and started right away…

For the start I bought some Equippment:

Light: Sanlight Evo 4-100 with 265 Watts
Air: PrimaKlima PK 125EC-Tc with 680 m^3
Air: 10 watts HydroMars clip fan
Tent: 1 meter by 1 meter
Pot: 8l fabric pot
Medium: Super Soil (BioBizz light Mix + Coco + 10 % Florganics)

Plants: Royal cookies Auto, Zkittlez Auto and Sweet Nurse Auto

I also watered the plants via Blumat drip irrigation (Autopot with 40 Liters of water)

I slowly increased the light level to now at a DLI of 45.

So the plants are now at day 34 but unfortunately they began some days ago going yellow with brown spots. So this is my current issue at the moment. :(

I have to say that in the beginning I only looked after the PH of the water (which I kept at 6.5) and not at the EC.
I now have a device to test that as well and unfortunately the EC of my water was the whole time at 0,2. I now adjusted that with BioBizz Cal-Mag to about 0,5, but just for the last couple of days.

So the plants currently look like that:

First grow   what is happening sos

That seems to be how the leaves start to yellow:

First grow   what is happening sos 2

And here a little intensivied

First grow   what is happening sos 3

First grow   what is happening sos 4

Did I diagnose that correctly as a calcium deficiency?

What would be the appropriate way on solving this? Did I already do the right thing?

Would be great if somebody of you could help me out on this :)

Thank you very much !

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