First Time Fun With Automatics.

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Trying out a new camera. Maybe I'll go back to the phone. Hey these autos are fun! I don't know if I'll do them again but WTH. Any guesstimates on how much longer the Headband is gonna need. Looks and smells great but zero color in the tricomes. I like a darkish amber but could it possibly need a couple more weeks? I just hate picking early. As Cute as that Headband is the Purple Haze is impressing me with its bulk. What's a good auto yield?


Saint Skinny

Saint Skinny

Autos are alot of fun! I grew my first auto's last fall and the one I harvested was bomb! Heavyweight seeds Fast and Vast was the strain. I had a biodiesel mass from advanced too but she was put outside to freeze to death because the asshole I was working with has the thought process and temper of a 2 year old. Oh well, ever forward!
Not sure whats considered a good yield as far as OZs or Gs, but those pics look like they should do well. I would consider it a decent harvest if it were me. When they first came out, auto's weren't yielding anything near what you got, seems that autos are getting better in yield and potency as time goes on. After reading about how 'weak' they tended to be. I was astonished how ripped I got from my fast and vast
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