First time grow. Slight yellowing tips on new growth. Weird browning of some bottom leaves. Dry Amended coco coir.

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So this is my first grow. I am growing 4 auto flower strains. 1x Og, 2x Wedding cake, 1x GSC. The Og and one of the Wedding cakes are 6 weeks old from seed. The other Wedding cake and the Gsc are 5 weeks old from seed. They slightly vary in hight, from about 12 to 20 inches. The go and both wedding cakes are in 2.5 gallon pots. The gsc is in a 1.5 gallon. I am using a coco coir perlite blend. I initially mixed 4 tbsp per 1 gallon of coco. Half dry 4-8-4 flower, half 4-4-4 veg. I will attach pictures of both of the dry fertilizers. I am using tap water that I put to a ph of 6.5-6.8. I have calibrated my ph tester. I am using the spider farmer sf1000 led. my grow tent is 27x27x63. I have the light around 22-24 inches from the plants. I have an average temp of 75 degrees fahrenheit, and an rh of 55. I top dressed them about 14 days ago when the go showed signs of flower and it seemed like it was to much for all of them, other then the OG. They were showing blown spots on bottom leaves and this other type of browning (ill attach a picture) about a week after the top dress. I re calibrated my ph meter just to make sure and gave them a small flush. since then its been about a week and they look better. I defoliated somewhat but they are still showing a couple weird things. There is still some odd browning on some bottom fan leaves and there is slight yellowing on tips of the new growth. I have no experience growing I just tried to do a lot of research. The Og is in week 2 of flower the gsc is a couple days behind her. Both wedding cakes are a couple days into flower. I appreciate any help. I have been trying to only water them when the top two inches are dry. I heard cinnamon was an anti fungal so I sprinkled the top of the soil with it about 2 weeks ago. Hopefully that's not terrible.


So this is your first grow. Starting with multiple strains of autoflower feminized seed. I have one basic question for you….. If you run into a suspected problem with one or another plant of differing strains even the same strain, how do you make corrective measures to the plant problems with no baseline of knowledge to work from? How can you know what you did right or wrong in your care?
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