First time grow - Zkittlez OG Auto and Bruce Banner bag seed

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First time growing anything more exotic than a dying chili pepper plant so wish me luck!

I'm using a small Black Orchid 50cm x 50cm x 100cm with a Vannect 1000 120W LED Growlight (A knockoff of the Spiderfamer with Samsung LM301B chips) hung as high as possible and set to 100%. For air movement I am using a simple 6" and 4" fan, and for ventilation a RAM 100/200 carbon filter. I'm using 11l fabric pots filled with a 1:1:1 ratio of peat moss, ericaceous compost and perlite which has been amended with 9tbsp of Growmore 7-7-7. In 4 weeks times I will be topdressing with Dr. Forests Organic 2-8-4 fertiliser.

For my source water I am going to try dechlorinated tapwater which has a tds of 40ppm, Im not certain of the pH because my janky test strips claim it is 6.4. I am lead to believe with this compost the soil should remain relatively acidic without the buffering capacity and I may be okay with my tap water. What do you think?

Temperature is currently hovering around 27c and humidty at 65 - 75% RH, I have plans to implement a heater into the tent to more tightly regulate the environment using smart switches, temperature, humidity sensors and smart dimmer controllers. I will follow up once this is complete.

To start these seeds I placed them into a pot of dechlorinated tap water and within 6 hours I was amazed to see the Zkittlez had already sent out a tap root but nothing from the Bruce Banner! So I planted them directly into the soil - 1cm below the surface on the 23/03/21.

Day 1

For the Zkittlez OG day 1 is officially the 29/03/21. I have attached a time lapse of its emergence from the soil.

Bruce Banner day 1 is the 28/03/21. This bag weed erupted from the surface and within just a couple hours it had already opened its cotyledons, I had little hope for this bugger considering and I wouldn't have bet for it to sprout - I haven't the space in the tent!


But since this is my first grow I expect to struggle to fill even this small space with just the Zkittlez auto... Am I correct to assume there is no real concern with the delay with these seedlings so far? The Zkittlez seems to be taking its sweet time to really start! If you have any recommendations please fire them this way!
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