I've built a 7'x7'x8' Room for my Veg, and a 7'x14'x8' for my Flower. My Veg room has a 2'x4' Ebb & Flow trey in it. I'm using R/O water, H&G Aqua A/B, H&G Drip Clean, Great White, and H&G Root Excelleraters. I transplanted Clones into 6"x6" Buckets in Hydroton. My water temps are 68-69, Canopy temp is around 75, and I keep my humidity between 50-60. I use neem oil, and lady bugs to help keep the mites in check. I keep my pH between 5.8-6.0, and 3 weeks in my ppm is ~820. My light in this room is a 8 bulb T5.

My flower room, consists of 2 Ebb & Grow systems, and 6000w of lights. Each light has 4 buckets under it. The room is sealed, has co2, and environmentally controlled.

As I said this is my first time growing. I'm looking to veg my plants until they are between 22-24" tall, then transplant them into the Flower room. I have a few of my plants that are growing faster then the others, I'm considering topping them or even doing some stress training. I'm looking for any advice or input into my first grow. Thank you