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I know there's alot of threads like this.
Please read mine and let me know what you think.
I'm very much dedicating myself to this, thanks for the help!

So I'm moving to a nice apartment and I was wondering how I should go about setting up a growing room in my closet? I'll most likely start with 1 plant.. I can go up to three but I'd just like literally help on how to get started I've read around so I know a few things here or there.. as for the White Widow should I try growing it first or something like NL or Skunk? I'd just like to know prices for lighting, fans, set up, ect. I'm not looking for anything fancy.. just some good bud to smoke while I learn to grow and I'd like to eventually start selling to dispensaries. I know I have a long road ahead of me so any little bit of advice would help. Keep smoking guys!:rollj:


Try and try some more see what works good for you. Cfl r good for closets cuz they dont put off much heat.
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