First time grower here, outdoor plant preflowering in veg? Questions about feeding/watering

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Hello everyone. This is my first time growing and I really need some help!
My plant is about a month and a half old. It started growing white pistils about two weeks ago, is this normal? I keep her outdoors and the light cycle is usually about 12/12. I have no way to add extra light so that is definetly out of question.
I’ve been feeding her with nutes once a week and that’s the only time I water her. To be honest I don’t know if i’m doing the right thing. How often should I water her? I usually make sure to get 10 - 20% runoff water and usually give her about a gallon of water with nutes.
I’m also unsure about what strain she is, but judging by the leaves i’m guessing she’s indica? What do you guys think?
Any tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys!
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