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d luv

d luv

Hi fellas I recently joined here to soak up as much knowledge as possible from all of you. I am a complete beginner when it comes to growing. I am looking to start my first grow, 2-4 plants in an extra closet at home. My question to all of you is what you would recommend I buy as far as a setup goes? I would greatly appreciate ideas on how you would spend $500 for a 2-4 plant setup {with potential for a few more plants in the future}. Also how would you spend $1000 on a little bit bigger setup and how many plants would it be able to grow? I will probably just end up buying what one of you recommend, as I know a lot of you are great farmers {as I have browsed some of the grow journals on here and have been extremely impressed}. I know this sounds stupid but I don’t know where else to start. I am in great need of your expertise and ideas. Please help a total newbie in this crucial time of needle. I look forward to being a student in this forum and learning as much knowledge from all of you as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and hopefully respond.


Where to start... Im a newbie also..." growing " Im on a few sites where " reading " is the best you can do...

Each system someone runs you might not like that produce alot of product..

You have to read on diff types of systems that you can learn and do...
Dont go off of what people say and what system to do..

I was going to do a ebb & flow system.. Its an easy system to run if you learn it.. I did alot of youtube watching and how people grew... If your handy then build a system..
BUTTTT I spent 42 bucks on pvc pipe to build a aereoponics system.. i will spend another 25 on the pump,20 on air pump and stones.. and craigslist my pvc 4" post..
So now im going aereopoincs....well fogoponics =)

I dont know tooo much about closet grows.. I read people post there are alot of closet growers... Do your work, read and ask questions...What people say dont buy unless you do your home work..

Welcome to the site..


how to grow

Dear d luv,
I am not a begginer and want to help you start out right. It took me a long time to stop listening to all the bull shit that the hydro store can feed you so watch out for them they just want to sell you anything and everything even tho less is more! so ill tell you how to set up a perfect grow for around $1000. First off you want to grow with soil, soil creates a buffer for the begginer to maybe make some mistakes and still reap the primo. SOIL ORGANICS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GROW GREAT BUD. I would suggest purchasing a hydro hut 4x4 silver edition grow tent. Next thing is the lighting I suggest a 600watt hortilux bulb and a large air cooled hood. a air cool hood just means there are 6" holes at each end so you can run ducting and an exaust fanpulling the air thru the hood so the heat from the bulb never has a chance to stay in the grow hut. so with saying that you will also need a exaust fan and ducting. you will need a large standing fan to circulate the air during the day and night periods. nights because you will have less chance of ever having to deal with mold. Then all you need are 2-3 gallon plastic pots somegood soil (foxfarm ocean forest) and some rooted clones or germinated seeds. no matter how good of a grower you are you cant make ok genetics great so make sure you get your hands on the best stuff you can find. maybe there is a special medicine that works best for you. ah almost for got you need to buy chains or hangers from the hydro store to hang your new hood n' bulb. Now the nutrients, LESS IS MORE DONT PUMP YOUR LADIES FULL OF NASTY NON ORGANIC NUTRIENTS. GROW nutrients: I only use 1 thing during the grow period b4 bloom ADVANCED NUTRIENTS MOTHER EARTH BLENDED NATURAL SUPER TEA. less is more your soil is so rich you dont have to add anything. Now bloom Nutrients: BOTANICARE PURE BLEND PRO BLOOM SOIL FORMULA, BOTANICARE LIQUID KARMA, HYGROZYM, a good bat guano i use ROOTS ORGANICS HP2 liquid bat guano, and last a sweetener the best out right now is ADVANCED NUTRIENTS BUD CANDY. If you follow this you will have some of the best looking tasting and smelling herb you have ever had. dont forget to give it only distilled water the last 2 weeks b4 you harvest. oh shit i almost forgot... you will need a lumatek electronic ballast to power your bulb. dont cut corners on the ballast or anything for that matter this ballast can run high pressure sodium bulbs or metal halide GREAT BALLAST. ENJOY MY YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE haha (not 100% organic but much closer than most anything out there)
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