First time growing! Here's my journey so far...

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My journey so far...

Hey THC Farmer community! I'm a brand spanking new at this and I'd like to share my journey so far. If anyone has any tips for me, I'd be very grateful. I'm hoping to take this run to completion but I'm worried about the flowering stage and adding nutrients.

I'm on day 17 since sprout. I've only added tap water so far. The two on the top are Blueberry and the two on the bottom are Purple Kush. Both are autoflower fem. They seem a little bit on the "light green" side but seem healthy so far.

Medium: I'm using this organic potting mix. I read after I started this to "never use miracle grow". But it was too late and I'm trying to still bring these girls to completion anyway.

My setup is Mars Hydro 5x5x6.5 / Spider Farmer SF4000 / 5 gal tall pots.

So far they look good. But I'm not sure when, or even if I should add Nutrence to the soil. What I've heard is to wail until 30 - 40 days before feeding anything in organic soil. Would that apply to this organic potting mix?

The nutrient line I bought is this one:

Any advice would be awesome!

Thanks so much, and happy growing!


ps.. sorry couldn't figure out how to add images to this post so they are all links.
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