First time hydro grow. Looking for advice! Pics included 😁

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Bad news fellas...Looks like my stunted growth was due to root rot... The main root looked shorter today so I thought I'd see how it felt and it basically dissolved in my hands. Hydroguard is on the way. The new roots look fine but the main/original root is totally rotted. I hope it can recover. Must have been the light exposure in the res.
Well rot can come from temp, light leaking, poor aeration. Was it the tap root or? If it was the tap root that might might not be good


Little update. Changed my res. Added Hydroguard. PPM is at 80. PH is at 6.2.

The root rot wasn't very bad I wash the plant with hydroguard solution cleaned all the rotten roots off. It seems to be bouncing back.

How often do you guys think I should change the res water?
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