First time Scrog. Need advice on whether to trim some of my canopy fan leaves.

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Week one of flower (well technically in 12 hours). Already putting off a potent delicious citrus smell. Hopefully these girls still produce.
These plants look super healthy and happy so just keep em going don't mess with them too much they're gonna be great. If you flipped now they will be monsters already 👍


I flipped last 10 days ago. I tried to spread them as much as possible. Actually broke a few fibers. I messed up and topped super late so I’m stuck with big ass branches that are little tree trunks. When they stretch a little more I’m going to add another net and try to spread them out more. Yea mostly everyone said take it easy and dont do to much at once. I’ll start with the dying leaves and then go from there. Since my pic on Friday they have already went nuts. Very satisfying to see these girls grow. Thanks!
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