First time turning a plant to flower..

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Hello folks!
This will be my first go at this. The Darkstar grow has gone pretty well all in all. I've made a few mistakes along the way but with your help, managed to overcome them. I transplanted her into a 10 gallon cloth pot abt 3 weeks ago using Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil. She's a big girl and seems to like an extra dose of nutrients and cal-mag 1-2 times a week. She's abt 2.5ft tall and 3ft around. I used the FIM method to keep her short. I've just put her into her own 4X4X7 tent with a Mars Hydro TS600W and a Viparspectra XS1500. I've got a 395cfm exhaust fan as well as an oscillating tower fan running day and night. Is there anything I should be watching for? The only thing I've really done in preparation was to strip some of her lower and interior leaves and I trimmed up some of the sucker growth. Is there anything else to be done? Any words of wisdom to impart would be much appreciated!
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