Flowering week 2 ending and this showed up. What is this?

Peat - Coco - perlite
6L pots
2100 ec after nutes
26-28c 52h daytime 20- 22c 60h nighttime
Feeding every 24hrs Until I get 2 L runoff
They look to be suffering from Nitrogen toxicity. I grow in Promix and use a lot less nutrients but still have great results. Force feeding a large pizza daily isn't any better for plants than it is for people. I'd cut the nutes back for a few days and pour a few gallons of decent water thru them to flush the excess out of the soil/coco. Less is often better!
Agree looks like overfeeding I bet the PH of the soil is very low as i'm seeing signs of a lockout. Flushing as was suggested would be where i would start followed by a light feed.
looks like your clawing is only up top, atleast what I can see, maybe your light is to close or you are getting to high temps sometime in your schedule.