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budboy299 is what I am just starting. I have 5 Critical Mass males in clone form from 5 original male plants. Each cutting a different father.

I have the critical mass ladies 1 week into 12/12 indoors. Outdoors I will keep the males and force flower them. That way I can take the gals outdoors to hook up with the guys and do what they do....seeds!

I found a website that gives sunrise times for Canada and the US by city.

Can anyone see any problem with simply giving them (the males) 12 hrs of light, by taking sunrise and giving 12 hrs from that time until I put them into darkness each day?

I've already prepared a container that is lightproof for the males to go into at the appointed time each day. I just am doing this so I don't inadvertently pollinate my whole grow room.

sunrise for the next few days (time adjusted for security)

7:02am so put the boys into dark at exactly 7:02pm
7:00am to 7:00pm
6:58am to 6:58pm
6:57am to 6:57pm
6:55am to 6:55pm

once the boys have been in darkness.....later after natural nightfall, I can put them back outside. That way when the sun comes up in the morning they will be all ready and waiting.

I know this will only work for a few as you would need the plants close in your backyard.
Also for males I think you would only need to do this for about 4 weeks tops to get enough pollen to make the ladies happy.

Anyone see any major flaws or ideas why this won't work?

oh and the link for the sunrise times is...

but I am sure there are lots of those sun calculators on the web


Yeah so long as you stick to your plan and keep their light schedule at 12/12 I see no reason why this would not work.


Well, good news and bad.

Good definitely works!

I had them at my buddys house as I had to go out of town unexpectedly. He reported that they all sprouted balls.

Bad news...two days ago some little sh*theads jumped his fence and stole them!
I seriously hope they plant them and take good care of them all summer..till the fall surprise.

little bastards!

luckily though I have more of the male clones.


You got it Sea.... they took the boys. Stupid kids.
Obviously they know nothing about pot, because my buddy said the balls were clearly showing. I did throw another couple out into the yard and will try and repeat it again without the dumb kids taking them.


Living dead girl
You ever see that photo UCTestin put up where his friend was giving him a hard time for always hermie-checking? Dude got a whole butt-load of tiny penises (with full sacks) and put them ALL OVER the plants. Absolutely hilarious.

I think it was UCTestin... :worried


Never saw that one Sea...and I am sure I would remember THAT!
sounds hilarious though. If you find the link to it, I would love to see it.


10 days outdoors for the new male clones, and the balls are forming. Slow growing with the cold damp weather but, once I see them opening I will bring some of the ladies out to play with him :)


LoL @ the kids stealing the boys. I kinda hope they try showing them off or even better, smoking it!

Hope you get your project done.

I still laugh at the baby penis's my partner put on my plants. Good times!


Living dead girl
I still laugh at those, too, UC. It's gotta be fun working with someone who has a good sense of humor.

Budboy, hope your boys go ballz OUT!


Up date....took 43 days for the males to start dropping pollen. I think this was due to the cold weather. It was close to freezing at night for quite a few nights during the switch.

I kept 2 plants (natural male Critical Mass) outdoors from 7am till 7 pm.
In a light proof container I placed a flourescent shop light on a timer from 7am till 7 pm.

each night at 7 pm I would place the males in the container (garbage can) under my deck with the timed light switched off. In the morning at 7am the light came on and remained that way till I woke up and removed the plants out into the natural light. Did this for 43 days now. The first pollen sacs have burst and I am going to put the boys on their sides over a piece of glass in the dark. In about a week I will scrape up the pollen and hit up some CM girls once they are in a more receptive mood.
I will let you know how that goes. Just placed a couple Jilly Bean and chronic sprayed with STS into the forced outdoor flowering to harvest their stuff too.

farm beans coming in 6 weeks from the CM if it works out good.


Bump. I'm thinking of depping a male. Suprised there isn't more info on this. Looks like it worked for the OP. But seems like a long time to shed pollen. Anyone had experience with this? How long did it take you to get pollen after dep started?
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