Fox Farm Hf Soil/nutes Black Indica Fem 3x1.5x3.5 Mars Hydro Eco 600w

My first grow ever..
i made my grow box out of a dresser. I put one 6” duct fan through the top directly above the grow light to remove heat and two 4” holes in the front and side for passive intake. The black indica feminized seeds are from crop king seeds. I germinated and planted straight into the final max yield air pruning pots and they sprouted two days after I planted them. I’m able to keep the temperature at 81 lights on and 77 lights off. I’m not sure what the humidity is inside there but I would guess it ranges from 30 to 50 %. Is humidity vital to my grow? My biggest problem will probably be space because I only have 3.5 vertical feet to fit everything and 1.5 feet wide. I am looking for advice and ideas. I will be adding details later today when I add pictures of how they’re doing.

Ask me questions and I will answer any details in order to get some guidance. I am excited to learn
My plants are around 20 days old and I topped them today. They’re looking good and I felt so bad cutting the new growth off. I’ve got limited space so I’m trying to keep them as short as possible. This is my first grow and they look super healthy unless I’m missing something. I’ll just keep on feeding them fox farms grow big half the recommended dose and add that other one soon. Oh and they’re starting to smell so I better make a carbon filter. Does any one know any diy ways to make one? I’m having a hard time shelling out almost 100 buck for a 6 inch carbon filter.
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I decided I needed more space for my plants to grow into so I upgraded to a 2x4x5 grow tent with a second mars hydro eco 600w led grow light. I’m going to eventually use the dresser grow box for vegging so I can always have plants flowering. I guess that’s called perpetual. Anyways...check this out. I have two clip fans circulating air around the canopy and one above the lights blowing over the tops of the lights towards my exhaust fans. Two exhaust fans on the top right corner. ONe runs 24 hours and the other comes on when the temp reaches 83 and brings it back down to 81. It stays 82 with lights on and I have a heater for lights of that keeps it 75 lights off.
How can I make my grow tent light proof for flowering? Light comes in through the fans and through the air vents on the bottom. It came with little Velcro covers for them. Here are pictures of how it is now
It looks like your lights are a little too close.
Ok. I raised them to 17 inches from the very top of the plants. Would you say that because they’re so dense? There isn’t any leaf burn. Just curious what you see.
I topped them a second time today also. That’s all I’m doing as far as training goes I think. Unless anyone has a better idea.
I’m searching the internet looking for information on trimming a few leaves to make them less dense, but I’m definetely not going to do that unless I find some solid information about it.

Lastly, I’m in the process of making a couple of carbon filters out of big coffee cans w/ holes drilled in them, panty hose, a cup with holes in it, and activated carbon. I’ll figure out how to attach them to the fans and hopefully that will make them lightproof at the same time. Here’s a how to on that...
Coffee Can
Advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks snowshoe
Both of these are Black indica, they’re supposed to be short but wow they are extremely compact. They’re growing like crazy but the nodes are so close together the leaves are fighting for light. Growing all sideways on one of them. It looks deformed but They have the same amount of tops.

Is this normal?
Pull the strings shut. Get a piece if ducting and put it where your fan is and bend it or put a sock on it.

If you get light leaks you will have issues. Like hermy issues
Gosh that would suck. I’ve got to make sure it’s completely lightproof before I switch to 12/12.
What about the intakes on the bottom? Do I put the Velcro covers over them during lights off? There are 4 inch holes right next to them with the strings closed. I guess I can put bent ducting through those too
These are what I’m trying to figure out what other people do with during flowering
Tell me what you think. I’m at 35 days. One week from flowers. I’m going add tiger bloom to the mix when I change the light schedule
Nutrients will be 2 teaspoons grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom per gallon.
I will water with these nutes every two or three days until two weeks before I think they might be ripe. We will see how that goes.
This second inline fan comes on at 80 and brings the temp back down to 78 when needed. I’ll probably stack both of them with the carbon filter because I only ordered one. I’ll see if that does well and if it doesn’t I’ll try to make a diy carbon filter and let you know the results.
I figured out a smart way to block the light from getting in the bottom vents on my tent with aluminum baking trays from the dollar store.
These are my plants now. I’ve topped them two times and there are all kinds of new bud sites I think. I’m waiting for my carbon filter to switch to 12/12.
I had some yellowing on the bottom leaves so I dialed back on my nutrients and will only feed them every two or three days with nutes.
2 Black Indica Feminized Crop King Seeds
Topped twice
5 week vegetative cycle
Day 1
Week 1
Light Hours 12/12 off
1 inline duct fan (top right hole in grow tent
2 maxi yield air pruning pots
1 fox farm trio nutrients pack/ grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom
3 teaspoons grow big (veg-flower)
2 teaspoons big bloom (veg-flower)
2-3 teaspoons tiger bloom (flowering cycle only)
Water with nutrients once every other watering. Or read your plants if you know how)
1 gallon Walmart great value spring water jugs
1 large bag Fox farms happy frog soil.
2 600 watt mars hydro eco led grow lights
1 2x4x5 grow tent
1 century heater/cooling control switch w/ thermometer probe
1 acurite wireless temperature/ hygrometer
4 rope ratchet straps
2 extension cord 3 outlet adapters
3 comfort zone 6 inch clip fans
2 leaves near the bottom of one of my plants started yellowing around the edges only a little bit about halfway through veg. Just switched to flower. We will see what I end up with.
I’m going to order a more powerful fan so I can use my carbon filter. Inline duct fans don’t have enough horsepower to be effective with carbon filter hooked up.