Fox farm or General Organics ?

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hello guys in gals alike im rather new too growing indoor, and really haven't been getting the results out of the fox farm nutes.. Would it help or hurt too switch now? Im in week 3 of veg mode.. /


It wouldn't hurt them but you could eventually stress them pretty bad if you don't' have much trial and error experience. Go threw with the nutes you're using now. Are you familiar with PPM, pH? Soil, hydro? what are you using for a medium? Have you even had a harvest with FF nutes yet? It probably the most popular line out there for a reason. Its a forgiving or easy set up. Just remember not not over nute your plants though. Use less then recommended, the companies just want you to buy more. Feed twice and every third just water! Don't over water or overfeed my dude. Happy Harvests! CD


good advice FF is a simple/good line. post some pics if you can and whats your feeding schedule like?


Right on thats what i was thinking i will just stick too this FF. Yes c4 ive got 1 full harvest under my belt, and i always try too stay on top of my Ph for the most part. I am using the GH buckets for now under 2 sunsystem2 400s all seedings. i will get some pics up asap much thanks !
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sky high

If you do switch from chemicals (FF) to Organics, (GH) be careful and only use a 1/2 strength or less mix. One of the only times I've burned the crap out of a crop was in a switch just like that.

good luck

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General Organics Nutes are awesome! And I would definately recommend them to people. Switching shouldn't be a big deal but you would want to veg longer and get the root zone built up before flower. With the Organics you would have less tendancy to burn your plants than with salt based nutes.

Maybe it's just the strain you are not seeing results with also????


There’s many reasons for not getting desired results. Temperature air/water, co2, ph, sodium block, lack of light, poor trimming of the plant, too much trimming of the plant...

Cannabis isn’t a hard plant to grow, shit it’s a weed you can drop seeds in the ground and you’ll get something. To grow it properly takes effort, I like to call them baby bear( because they need everything just right) and then sometimes these little fuckers still take a piss.

Less rant sorry I’ll continue

Needless to say no one will have the same results as you for what they are doing, find what works best for you! Asking questions does help a ton! Don’t get me wrong but if your able to go seed to smoke and your only issue is yield I would say it’s strain related.

Gorilla has always been a lower yielder for us here. Where Chem Dawg / chem Fire has huge colas with dense flowers.

If you have the ability find a place for low cost genetics and do as many runs as possible to see what works best for “you”.
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