pls if eny body know about how plants can look like that add sujestion .
many growers tell that heat in flower stage and sativa haze plant structure make this foxtail bud structure . if someone have a expirians and can add grow report plss share ifo with us . i am in big interest for croses look like that ( sry about pictures but i dont have plants like this):
I had an nl#5xhaze1 that grew massive fox tail buds, no more pics of it though. I think its in the genetics and high temps were a probable cause i found. My plant almost touched my lights and the top half of the plant had more tails than the lower. Why are you looking for such a trait if u dont mind me asking?
for first timei seen that structure in the jack herer ,and that was in 2004 and from some reason i like very much this structure i seen kind of foxtail stucture in a chimera old cross Highland Mexican X Blueberry past in overgrow time next seen in SOMA NYCD and it was a very confusing tom that so difrend strains in structure and difrend years some times look so identical .meybe not just a genetics was a reason for that meybe its a another factor ?
i think if that is not just a genetic factor ,some one can grow a OG cross with foxtail strukture . many people in the thcforum grow OG crosses with dense hard buds and i never seen a OG cross with open strukture like foxtail cannabis . for me will be a such a plesure to grow some OG crosses with open strukture like foxtail buds with hard hiting smell of kush. here pics
Hey Mazar ive been thinking about this thread , & I come up with chease n chase .Im pretty sure Ojd recomended for that elsewhere.SSSDH foxtails nicely , & cheese has thoughs stacked cylaxes too , also genetic .Cant recomend the strain personaly , but I can recomend the breeder , he's solid.Id bet on his gear , being fire .
hmm this thread is some kind off good qestion for a newbreed projekt i sujest all who interest of foxtail reserch to include and give proposals for croses or some one grow or sujestion for heat fert or tehnicue to make FOXTAIL line.
for now all what i can give is just a resurche but enyone will be welcome to shere pic ideas and grow reports .here is a some strainge PCK purple citral kush i think from ACE seeds , hibrid is great loooking mom and next is a same hibrid but with foxtail kind of buds:
all i see is not just a genetic think , some buds just have a litlle kind oh foxtails but same crosses with difrent growing conditions make bigger tail structure some one sujest that heat over 85 F in the flowering time or fertilizers make that structure .
ok sea meidenn if no interest all i can sujest is to delete a thread but i post the thread in breeding category. ok If i am rong but 90 % all i can see is OG cross gsc ( og cross) and ald( og cros ) and banna og and sfv OG and alien og and tahoe og and chamdawg crosse that is a mother of og .
ok bredd lab is for variety and breeding new ctrauns geno or pheno types . all i see is dense frost ball of bud with NO VARAITY . i ask if eny body interest to cross some OG with foxtail will be interesting that is what i am tell sry but di dont have a bad filinigs............


Living dead girl
I'm so sorry, that's not what I was trying to say. I was only trying to point out how different growth traits may or may not be desirable, depending on where someone is located (regional preferences). I know for a fact that many people, such as yourself, find foxtailing to be a desirable trait. From that point on there is no reason to not discuss it.

I think that some confusion arises because we know that foxtailing can be forced or caused in almost all strains, as we've posted above. What I understand YOU to be asking about are strains that will always grown in that foxtailed manner, right?
yes yse :):)
this was a point about FT manner . this is just a diiferenses of growth not just a strain or even a region preferens ( no i give respect for all american breaders respect for what u all doing ) for me is a most interesting thing difrent og structure becouse all OG become to be identical one day .


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I can't answer your questions regarding why the foxtail structure, I only have some limited experience in accidentally causing some plants to grow that way.

I don't see any specific rules against posting links to outside seed vendors, but two of those links have automatically been broken (the invalid portion) by the site software. Another moderator may know more, or you might want to ask logic.
I just had a pretty bad foxtail experience. One of my Jedi Kush pheno's got it BAD. I've been running this plant for a little bit now, and this is the first time it happened to this degree. I was also running a White Fire in the room as well, and it did not foxtail at all. Pretty sure it's nutrient related in this situation and I'm not sure which is to blame but these are my suspects.

H16 Fire (has tricontanol)
Alfalfa in my tea.
Sea Green

I don't think it was the Alfalfa because I only give them tea once a week, but I have switched over to budswell dry for my flower room tea.

I fed the girls Sea Green each feeding, which I am going to stop and just give to them 2x a week.

The Fire is my main culprit right now, so I have cut it back to only 1ml a gallon and I am running big bud powder along with it. I have used Big Bud powder for years, and this pheno never foxtailed with it.

This particular pheno is a bit on the Sativa side as well, just like the White Fire pheno I was running....but the WF didn't foxtail at all. My rooms are pretty dialed in as far as co2 and temps I think I can rule that out. I wish I could just single out ONE thing so I could report it back, but I don't want to deal with another big load of freaking foxtails.