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Anyone seen the free seeds ad from attitude seeds, ordered some last week paid £4 for postage and got them monday, 5 free seeds 3 of them are not even viable big crack / holes through them - not worth wasting energy over. :swear

Just thought id let you all know my experience - other buy (Dutch passion Fem Blueberry) all look great and have all germinated within 24 hrs.
Anybody else had any?

El Barto

Is G13 Labs the Attitude house breeder? Does anyone other than Attitude sell G13 Labs seeds?

I have some freebies too, Thai x Skunk I think. I'm wondering if they're worth running.


i have some of those ones too - 12 week flowering though - got them free with order.
not read much good about g13 lab - but this is only what ive read - the dp fem bb seem ok just hope they turn out ok & not hermies
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