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I'm usually a sativa guy, so growing an ~80% indica freebie was never a priority, but now that I've grown out my other genetics and I'm sitting on a nice surplus...I'm curious.

I will strive for weekly updates at a minimum. There will be notes, numbers, pictures and commentary. I hope to learn something along the way; please feel free to join me for the ride.

Comments, suggestions, questions, and on-topic discussions are welcome and encouraged.

And so it begins.

Using the wet paper towel method. Room Temp 72-75f, I put them near the space heater so it's probably a little warmer. They should pop in no time🤞


...Annnd 3/3 sprouted! 🥳

Made some additions to my veg tent. Added two clamp lights with cheap (Walmart brand) 15wLED (100w equivalent) bulbs. 1650 lumens, 5000k ‘full spectrum’ and about $23 total for the set, including the fixtures. It’s certainly not elegant, but it seems to have made a big impact on the other plants in there. With the blurple in ‘veg’ mode plus those 15 watters, I’m sitting at about 120w now. The ~90w of blurple alone just wasn’t cutting it.

I’ll be keeping the seedlings under a humidity dome for the next couple of weeks. Misting the tent at least twice a day too, as it’s wintertime here and the only humidifier I own is in the bedroom. Might invest in another for the grow room. 28%RH is mighty low. Average daytime temp is only 66 (I know, I know, but it’s a big old house and costs a fortune to heat, ok? 😄)

Anyway, I’m going to call this day one of veg even though technically 2/3 popped up yesterday. 🙂 I’ll keep the updates coming when there’s stuff to update

Happy growing all!


So much for weekly updates 😇

It’s been pretty quiet. Not a whole lot to report. Watered them for the first time since they sprouted with some 6.6pH h2o, including Gen. Hydro’s CALiMAGic at 1ml/l and Fox’s Big Bloom at 3ml/l. Didn’t check ppms - I’m sure it was low.

The seedlings seem pretty happy given the cool conditions. Been misting them at least once a day. One seedling seems to be more vigorous, but it was also the first to pop up; it might just be ahead because it got to soaking in light first. Humidity dome will stay for another week or so. Slow and steady at this point. One step at a time.

Happy growing,
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Day 26 since breaking the soil.


Watered them again yesterday with some plain 6.8pH h2o. Current daytime temp and humidity is 72F and 39%, respectively.

Photos are from today. The largest plant has a slight mosaic thing going on. Not sure what it is but I will be paying close attention to it.


Already got some roots poking out on another one.


I’m hoping to go straight into 5gal pots. Flower room is at least a few weeks away from harvesting a little (tiny!) bumper crop of Blueberry Haze fast fem clones from that mom in my veg tent. I had the clones in solo cups for wayy too long, so they were root bound and they weren't getting enough light (I'm such a good caretaker 🤥 ) They started to auto on me (the mom did too; thankfully she's turning around with the additional lights) so I transplanted them into slightly larger pots and threw 'em in the empty flower tent. They dropped a bunch of fan leaves, perked up, and now they're starting to get frosty and do their wonderful color change. If I can pull 7 grams at harvest time I'll be happy. The OG mom is a true gem. It's like vaping a sweet blueberry, apple, strawberry tart with some sandalwood and rose incense notes. Really nice. Top it off with a light and clear-headed high that's chill and calm without being sleepy. Can you tell I like it? 😊


Anyway, back to on-topic! 😄

Roots look healthy and can go a little longer before transplant.

Now the question: When to top? I'm thinking one more node up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There's plenty of height in the flower tent so I'm not worried about that, just trying to bulk them up a bit. There will be LST and lollipopping in their future, too.



That's all for now.

Happy growing,


Day 28.

  • Everybody in the veg tent got some lite nutes for lunch:
    • 0.5ml/l FF Grow Big
    • 0.5ml/l GH CALiMAGic
    • 3ml/l FF Big Bloom
  • pH 6.5, 400ppm
  • Runoff pH from the blueberries was 6.5. So far so good!

🥶 It's cold today. -30f windchill outside, which doesn't help the temp inside this old house. Veg tent is sitting at 66f so growth is a little slow. Managed to get the humidity up to 50% with some misting, but it's artificially inflated; it'll be back down to 35% in an hour. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now back to old house projects.🔨


Day 37

Growth has slowed since the last update, which means it’s time for some love. It’s been really cold the last couple of days; the furnace died earlier this week so nighttime temps in the house were down to the low 50s, which I’m sure hasn’t helped. Thankfully (a few thousand dollars later) a new furnace is being installed as I type. With any luck things should be back up to the mid sixties tonight. Daytime temps are in the low 70s.


They’ve been in solo cups for five weeks now, so it’s definitely time to transplant. It’s probably the main reason they’ve slowed to a crawl and started to look a little sad. I haven’t been feeding them much and I’m sure the soil is pretty spent.
Time for an upgrade!


Oh yeah, it was time alright!

I also harvested the kale to make some room. 😋

Legally, I’m only allowed two ‘fully mature’ plants in flower at a time - which is really all I have the need and lighting for anyway - so the two strongest plants went into 5gal buckets. The third plant will go into a #3 nursery pot soon. The buckets are a mix of FF Ocean Forest and extra perlite in the bottom half, and a 50/50 blend of FFOF and Pro-Mix BX on the top half. I figured I’d cut the OF to stretch and mellow it out a bit since it’s a really hot soil. Wet them with some h2o + 1ml/l CALiMAGic pH’d to 6.7.

They should start diving into the new and tasty soil in no time. Set growth speed to maximum. Engage! 🚀


Speaking of next door: Those blueberry haze fast clones are filling in, getting frosty and smelling really good.

Happy growing all!


Day 40
(Today is day 41, pics/updates from yesterday’s activity)

Snip, snip. Topped the girls and watered them with 94ppm 6.7pH H2O. They’re showing a little stress from the transplant, but overall they seem healthy. Steady as she goes!





Happy growing,


Day 46 veg

Almost a week after topping and they’re recovering nicely. Watered them yesterday with pH’d H2O, but didn’t give them much since I’m trying to encourage root growth. The buckets are pretty heavy so I know there’s plenty of moisture down there...the roots just need to go get it.
From the top down they are now the width of the bucket and they’re picking up speed. They are very uniform in size, growth and overall appearance.

The blueberry haze in the flower tent has a week or two left. Hopefully these two will be showing sex once the haze gets the chop. Either way, straight into flower they’ll go. I’d normally veg a bit longer to maximize yields, but I have new genetics on the way that I’m very excited about - More on that later. For now, happy growing and goodnight!


Day 49 veg

Watered them with a liter each, of the following:
1ml/l FF Grow Big
1ml/l GH CALiMAGic
4ml/l FF Big Bloom
633 ppm

There’s been a nice thaw and sunshine for the last few days, which helped the tent hit 79f today. Opened a window when I got home and cooled it down to 75. Still dealing with very low RH (20’s) but they seem pretty darn happy. Pictures say the rest!
Happy growing,


Day 54

I guess it's technically day 55 now since it's after midnight...

Watered them this evening with 3.5L each of plain old H2O pH'd to 6.3-6.5. They''re showing some minor stress, which is most likely from the feeding they didn't really need but got anyway. Overall they're doing well and growing at a decent speed. The node spacing is good and they're staying compact. Still on parallel nodes, but I think they're getting close to alternating. One more week until the flower tent becomes available.

Happy Growing,


Day 61

Lots to report.

Harvested the blueberry haze bumper crop last night (I’ll post a few pics of that below). That freed up the flowering tent for the stars of the thread. I defoliated them this morning before moving them to the other tent. Lowest branches and nodes were removed, in addition to a few fan leaves that were shading the middles of each plant.






They’re still not alternating nodes, so I’ll keep them in veg for now. I set the light at 12” above canopy and 50% on the dimmer. Reduced the day cycle from 18/6 to 16/8. I’ll give em a week to adjust and recover from the trim, then flip em to 12/12. I just received my order of seeds and freebies in the mail, so there’s new and interesting genetics to be grown! 🤩

OoOh yeah:

Even got more blueberry freebies, so if the current grow is exceptional I’ll have more to pop. Pssst: Diet Durban, Peach Purée, 30:1 and 20:1 CBDs are in wet paper towels right now 😁

So yeah, a lot going on this past week.
I hope everyone is doing well.

Enjoy the following pics of the Blueberry Haze Fast. If you haven’t been following, here’s a little backstory: They were cloned to solo cups and kept there for too long in too little light. They started to auto flower...the flower tent became available so for giggles they were transplanted into 3/4gal (2.7L) pots and moved to 12/12. Kept 12” below a 240W 3000k LED dimmed to 50-60%. All things considered, I’m very pleased with the results. What do you think? Not too bad? 😄 The buds are firm and of good size. They smell just like the last batch - which is a personal, family and friend favorite. I’m guessing it’s maybe an ounce, which is more than I hoped for so no complaints.

Happy growing,




Day 65

Nothing like some extra wattage in 3000k to get the party started. The light is running at 60% power and 14-16" (40cm) above canopy. Compare the pics from Sunday to these tonight and it's pretty obvious - they're loving their new home. They each got 1.5 liters of H2O yesterday, complete with a very light dose of FF Tiger Bloom at .5ml/l in preparation for 12/12. Speaking of 12/12, that's due to start tomorrow night. I'll be counting day 67 as day 1 flower.


First alternating nodes. The plant on the left is definitely stronger and healthier. Neither of them are perfect, but the one on the right is a little behind and showing some blotchy and malformed leaves. Not exactly sure what's up with it. It's been warm-ish, so they'll need water again soon. I'll give them a soaking and test the runoff. Might be low pH/Mg lockout. I seem to have that problem lately. I thought the CALiMAGic would do the trick, but maybe not. Perhaps it's something else entirely?

Right plant

Left plant (winning)

Happy growing,

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