From bag seed to mini cabinet grow [first grow]

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Thought id start posting my attempt of a first grow, im working in a small cupboard under my desk about 60cm tall. oh i forgot to say theres a lot of, lets sayt stoner enginnering to get this working as its too small for any proper carbon filtering solution but i worked out a decent solution with inspiration from a few posts ive found on the forums its working so far at least. and to attach the light i had to zip tie it to the top side of my cabinet.

Week 1:

who knew amazon supplied free plant pot stands!

Week 2:


shes growing fast, 3d printed myself some carbon filtering fans and added some sealent around the door to prevent light leak and force the air to go through the back. the shelf didnt have any height adjustment but turned out some corona cans were the perfect height. air comes from down there and out the carbon filters i printed

Week 3

well this was eventful, noticed some yellowing and tested my run off and pH, 2100 ppm and 4.5ph lol thats bad. gave it a good flush and hope things will be alright. also tried to print a funnel to prevent nutrients from hitting the leaves as they were close to the soil due to the low height but it sucked so ill just have to be careful, which im clearly not very good at as i snapped a branch putting a LST clip on it. also started smelling this week and i can confirm those carbon filters are working good! can only get a smell when i open the door, but its real test will come in a few weeks

Week 4


week4 close.png

These photos were taken with a Sony A7 II + Zeiss 55mm f1.8, thought i might aswell start taking some nice photos. i also got another case fan to direct the air flow a bit and keep the inside a bit cooler.
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