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Still VERY new to all of this (second grow), and now getting to see first hand how all plants aren't to be treated completely equal.
My first Grow I ran 5 Grandaddy Purp Auto that in the end was a success. Made every new grower mistake possible (water,nutes,lights etc) BUT ended up with 9 ounces of super dank bud that my friends loved.
I'm on my second grow so I figure why not try 2 of my personal favorite strains, Gelato and Bruce Banner. So that's what im growing 3 Bruce Banner Auto in Front and 3 Gelato Auto in Back. I was not planning on doing Autos again after my last run but I only have 2 more months till we move into our new house and needed more bud quick.
So back to my personal observation, they are clearly in the same tent, same Temps, same distance from lights etc. The thing im wondering is how do growers water and apply nutrients when they have several strains. I ask because im using my same mixture of water and nutes on all of my plants. My Bruce Banners have alot more but sites and are much frostier and have very healthy leaves, But my Gelato has the densest and fatter Buds. All is good there, BUT my leaves in my Gelato are looking rough. It looked way worse until I pulled some completely yellow leaves. Any thoughts? I can't imagine I'm nearing harvest after only day 57 since seed for leaves to be yellowing out completely. I use a pump sprayer without a tip on it and water all plants around every 3 to 4 days right now, from outside of pot inwards over a 30 minute periods. For future should I be using different mixtures on different strains or go lighter on everything? I know these are dumb ass questions for alot of growers, but I'm very much into this hobby now and just want to keep getting better at it or become more successful. Thanks as always for those who always willing to help some dumbass newbie
Frosty is here for the holidays
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