Fruit Strains of YesterYear, a Consumer Cenus 09

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As i was sitting in this box, as of 23 hundred, weerily sleepy yet insomnia to the core, its what it does to me when its been to long since a happy meal, thinking of this worldiverse, the fruit began to fly as the compost is still atop the microwave, a productive day finishing up some pages of the book, its been an aquatic journey and hopeful we will have fish to eat at the end of it all, bc people fish is not meat, its just fish

I began to think of the Fruit of Yesteryear, as a newfound settler here on this island of Saint Marys, i grow weary by the day when me explorations of the interweb or non fruitful, thru diligent easter hunts i have been evaded and this is my peep to all us seamonkeys out there

Lookin for the fruit, the good ol Dr. Chron has been out of any Spice O Life Sweet Tooth for awhile, god forget getting a friendly agricultural hand on something like shiskaberry, juicy fruit, or that shit that smells like fruity pebbles bud, ur just not cool enough, pssshh...


So i wait, like a beet in the sun, pollens coming boys

Was wondering if any one had seen the good Dr. Candymand, last i heard someone said " Men 26 of you is going into the Jungle aka candyland, 25 of ya aint coming back! Never saw that g-son again, fruit please?

Found BidzBay, thanks Mr Seamonkey u know u are, any thoughts about their reliability, i see SubTGA has a good CSA there..was liking Agent Orange, ahh like i said i love fruit, any advice?

Ahhh fruit, well I wish Chimera over at the good ol Dr Chron, who must be on a cosmic cruise, would befix some grapefruitxblueberry, or some *drolling Mtn Jam,

Ahhh brewgrass, i still have u, mmm think im gonna go eat a grapefruit, but id rather smoke it, love to start a discussion about some fruit with you aficinados, dr knows best

goodnight eddie murphys, clocks reading my bed time


It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority
keen to set brush fires in people's minds. - Samuel Adams


wWooh I was a little high last night, Female friends mom was in town all weekend which meant no majic happy meals

So what are you dunk burgurs up to today 20 views and not one replie, I may be new to the site but im a fellow Overgrower boyz. PollensCumin here

Was loafing around the site today, seriously tried to internationally call Dr. Chronic and Spice of Life, no answer, apparently the blackberry doesnt reach the UK with the numbers given, no replie on the email... Tensions running higH

God what i would do for some Sweet Tooth, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Mango, hehe found the oranges...

Thinking about Bidzbay and Sub's Agent Orange / The Flav ... females looks redunculus
Do they Ship to USgay

Lets talk about some fruit ladys and gents

Old Yeller

I just finished up some SoL Blubonic's that are going to stay in my perpetual garden - sweet blueberry madness!
Just ordered Reef's Bazooka Joe Bubblegum...


Go with the agent orange lots of fruity goodness there,I got 3 keepers out of 1 pack,a deisely orange,a fruit cocktail/strawberry yogart and an orangey orange.Oh yer you lost me after the first couple of words,I think this was asking about:icon_dizzy::damnhippie:


Haha yes sheeple i have hearded you into my fruit farm

Sky High: Sorry man, im a dual literature/agronomy/ soil major student so i like to write like a story, and ive been reading a lot of Tom Robbins these days ( jitterburg perfume if you havent endelged urself yet..the beets my friend, the BeeTs! ), + plus im usually higH on the Farm

D.I.Y: That sounds like the hillside of fruit i want to wander up on, strawberry/fruit cocktail, i want some of that cocktail...FRUIT! haha. Will probably defin. go with some agent o, and become a cong.

Where in the World is some of that Sweet Tooth GRRRRR>>>

in the air

subcool aka tga has the fruitiest strains i have ever grown out. you should try them the are strong and fruity !!

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