Future of Food: What Every Person Should Know

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Yeah, Monsanto, in common with most large US corporations are pretty evil, never drink milk or eat beef if you visit the US, they inject cows with a growth hormone to make them produce more milk, but it makes the cows very ill and the udders ooze pus, so when the farmers milk them, the pus gets in the milk. The big problem is the growth hormone is in the milk and the beef so is consumed by humans. Monsanto did only 90 days of testing on rats before they released this crap and the FDA let them get away with it. The western world produces too much milk, in some countries we are having to pay farmers not to produce milk, yet still the US allows farmers to inject their cows with a harmful substance that is immensely cruel on the cows and produces tainted milk not fit for human consumption. The only reason this hormone product exists is to make money for Monsanto, we don't need it because we already produce too much milk and it's never been properly tested to see what it does to humans. They give this milk to schoolchildren, the whole country is eating contaminated beef and drinking tainted milk, would not surprise me if in 20 years the US is full of people with severe health problems from this shit.


It is part of the problem, the largest part is all the non natural transfat, salt, sugar and fancy chemicals they put in food these days.

We don't know what the long term effects of Posilac in milk and beef is going to be as the testing hasn't been done, we could start seeing birth defects, retardation and mutation in the next generation.


In the first place it's not natural for a species to be drinking the milk from another species. Of course in rare cases for absolute survival, it IS nutritious.

It is rare but the only cases this should happen is when a mother adopts the children of another species. Probably a myth, but the brothers who created Rome were adopted by a wolf. There is also other cases in world-renowned zoos that veterinarians give a lone female or mother some kids from another species to uplift their depression.

Soy milk is more healthier for your being but there is just some instances where I cant replace soy milk for regular milk and have to get organic.

Everything in the world has some nutritional value to it, but doesnt mean we should consume it on a daily basis. Pine bark and baby pine needles for example are very high in vitamin c, and in survival books, they recommend making a tea out of it. Doesn't mean we should do so EVERYDAY.


Great you started that thread logic!

What to say about Montsanto, those are fucking dictators that will kill our planet and destroy so much good quality and naturally grown plants and gentics! They are trying to overgrow the world with their manipulated stuff! And cause they have money, they will always be first to give the poor people new seeds and later sell their chemical stuff, cause without it they won't grow!

I'm in this farming business for too long and I've seen too much! Travelled lots of countries and work together with different biological farmers all over europe! I try to run my own business and if you don't want to do, what the big companies want ya to do, it's so difficult!

Stay educated and think about things you do and buy!
Don't give your money, to the big companies! Help your local farmers!

Help the people that treat our planet carefully and help them to survive! Work has it's cost!

In my homecountry we have a saying:

You are what you eat!




This is the reason that this season I am doing a huge outdoor in my backyard with Organic Veggies, Wheat, and everything else that can be culitvated at my Latitude.. This is true freedom and power.. Growing your own food is prob the best investment for you and your families future.. why is it that the US Goverment can figure out a way to absolutlely FUCK UP everything that it touches... But im not leaving this country.. ill just obey the laws that I choose to obey and when the time comes there will be civil uprise...


People have been drinking milk as long as there's been domestic livestock whether it be cows,oxen,sheep,goats,ext. Never been a health risk in moderation till man tries to supersize it for greed. Hell , I saw where they had chickens with like 6 legs on 'em. Freak chickens,Supercows,GM crops...All a bunch of evil shit imho.


The Future of Food is a great docu flick and well worth watching.


Man I had no idea about the milk. I read the milk here and the label said that they dont use rbst, basically the hormone that makes milk production increase. Milk still has other harmful shit though.


Apparently the excessive milk makes some folks smell differently too..
(I cut down signficantly on dairy products due to my Crohn's getting affected by it so hopefully I don't smell as bad... :)

Funny, I was presenting at a conference in Japan and afterwards I was getting flirty with my female guide.....we asked each other candid questions about our respective cultures.. so eventually she asked why people from the US smell like milk? She said I was the first American that she smelled that didn't smell like rotting cheese :).... I asked another girl I had met a couple days later at a University get-together if Americans smell like rotting milk and she just turned red and nodded yes!!!
Go figure!


'You are what you eat'.......Then the canteen at Monsanto must have arseholes on the menu


google search - "The average breast size in America has recently increased from 34B to 36C"
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