G6 Jet Fuelweek 6 Day 1

hey guys first grow here. 303 seeds jet fuel (aspen og x diesel) 70 sativa 30 indica . Just started week 6 of flowering under 2 cheap cobs (600 real watts) :( (building crees once I harvest!)

How am I doing? Don't know what to expect for yield at this point. This is a 62 to 72 day genetic in 10 gallon soil pots (two plants total ) sea of greened best I could. Do these look decent size for start of week six?

Temp 77 hum 45 / a.n ph perfect nutes line (half strength most times) following expert chart(big bud now Next two weeks overdrive etc) no
Tip burn

Lights are about 8 inches away from tallest buds is that good? Lux meter is getting 60000-90000 lux for tops.

These vegged for like 3 months haha. I was building the second room and it took longer than expected .

Thank you!
Looks like she's gonna have really airly/stringy buds. But then again it is just week 6....you got a couple more weeks to go...she should fatten up here within the next 2 weeks. But she does seem to be stretching. I would also lower my light just an inch or 2

Other than that... Just gotta be patient she will reward you nicely in the end
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