G8 LED 90 Watt v 3 - 36 watt all deep red 660 LED grow light

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Good morning!

Brought my plant inside the house because I’m tired of the poor weather conditions and bugs. It is starting to bud all over and I already have 3 - 36 Watt red lights I got from your suggestions on my last grow. They definitely seemed to make a difference (in addition to changing my light schedule too) but saw the G8LED reviews and wondering if that is a better “red light” than the ones I already own?

Do you think it would be a nice addition or overkill? I am on a budget but this is my first non auto flower and if I don’t screw it up I will have such a bounty compared to all my auto flowers the past three years combined!

The plant is almost 5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide!!

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you!!
Overwhelmed 😬
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