Gavita 1930e ppfd for early flower

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Hi everyone.

Can anyone help and advise me on which is better. I’m going in to flower tonight. I want to really try and control the stretch. I know it’s going to be better than hps, but this is my first run with these lights.

Do I keep the strength of the light on the lower side and bring it down closer to canopy? Is it more blue lower end say 60 to 70%. Or do I usually up it to 100% which is a 1000w like I used to do with my hps? Not to sure what’s the best to do.

At the moment they are 4ft away from canopy. At 80% 800w. Which is giving me 380 umol in the centre. This seems low to me, but they plants look pretty stacked.
So any help pointing me in the right direction would be good. Thanks

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