Gavita, Luxx, Photontek etc. Number of diodes??

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Hi so I’m looking for new led lights and I’m trying to understand what difference the number of diodes make in a similar wattage fixture. For example.

Gavita - 3300
Lux. 2000
Photontek/Lumatek 3700
Mars hydro (FC6500) 3100

(All figures are approx)

I was under the impression that more leds meant higher efficiency but some lights have less leds but higher efeciency.

Eg migro just review this

He gave it an efficiency of 2.43 which is higher than the Gavita but only had 1750 leds

I’m confused / does it matter? Also I’m thinking maybe the fixtures with less diodes will run hotter and degrade quicker.

Does anyone have any knowledge of thoughts on this?


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