gday, looking to obtain technical data for dialling in an ORP doser into an RDWC system

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gday peoples,
i run a high end purpose built 16 pot RDWC system, that is fully dialled in, ie, every measurement is on point.
(there is also redundancy built into the system, so if any of the - lights, air pumps, water pumps, chillers - fail there is more of each running in the system) therefore i never lose a run, even if i am away for a few days which is a regular occurrence.
so in my flower room there are two 1HP water chillers dialled in at 19 degrees celsius,(66.2F) obviously they are running at this temp to keep the pathogens and bacteria from exploding, unfortunately the optimal water temp for maximum growth in RDWC is 26 degrees C.(78.8F)
therefore i have invested in a milwaukee ORP sensor/ doser, and intend to slowly raise my water temps to 26C as i experiment with getting the ORP doser properly dialled in.
so my research tells me ,
-that i should start the ORP dialled to 300mV,( but obviously it would want to be higher if my water temp is to be 26C,)
-my doser will pump 600mL every minute
-my oxidizing agent is 50% hydrogen peroxide
# also i should mention that i run a water filtration unit that has a built in 9W UV steriliser and a 55W UV steriliser. and the entire system contains 1100 litres of water and nutrient solution (291 GAL)
so my questions are , (if anyone can help)
1/ what is the optimal mV to set the ORP at?
2/ how long should i set the doser to run if it drops below the set value
3/ should i dilute the 50% hydrogen peroxide
4/ if so will the dosing time increase commensurate with the dilution rate
5/ will the optimal ORP mV increase as the water temp increases to 26C

any and all relevant info would be greatly appreciated


ORP stands for oxidation reduction potential… therefore h2o2 is an oxidation chemical.
oxidising the water and killing bacteria and pathogens


Yes. Thats why I asked. H2O2 as a 50% dilution of the bottle concentration does absolutely nothing.



Who told you 26c is optimal? sounds like a recipe for root rot

Also h2o2 is the wrong product, you want hypochlorus acid (sodium hypochlorite) aka uc roots
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