Gelatin like substance around roots?

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Had the same problem last year and nothing worked until I used Physan20. What I had was brown algae. It starts out clear or whitish and gradually turns brown as the roots die. Try the Physan and clean your equip. as best you can if you still have the problem.


Yeah, that problem had come and gone, and had taken my 4 daughters with it. But now I understand the situation and have taken the proper precautions to not encounter this again.
I do have 35% H2O2 as well as Hygrozyme, so if this problem does come around again, I'm formidably armed.
Thanks for the chime.
The Joker

The Joker

I had that slime on my clones before due to light leaks. Once you see it, throw the clones away, clean everything and start from scratch. I was never able to save even clones with root bumps once the slime appeared.

I went from an expensive aerocloner that was super hard to maintain to a walmart special I built for $25.00. Works better. Less parts to clean, easy to maintain.

I also started using SM90 in both my res and cloner. No more slime!
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