Germinated 25 Out Of 25

Tried something new and it works great! Solo cup of jiffy seedling soil inside a coffee can with the lid on, 1 seed each. Put the whole bunch in a box in front of a steam radiator for warmth and 48-96 hours later every one has sprouted. Next step is to take the bottom off the cans, put the lid on the bottom and transplant into the cans. These are all giveaways that will be easy to plant. Dig a hole, use the can for a form, take the lid off the bottom and plant.
Probably not a bad idea if i see some. The soil is predominantly happy frog with mycorrhizide.
I use Great White _ Myco - Azros but this recharge has the whole range of fungi more than what I have/use - might give it a try - ordered some free sample packs