Germing 10 year old seeds

I was reading up on Gibberellic Acid last night (aka GA3) in my never ending quest for quicker/better/faster (hence my name) and they use it to germ really difficult seeds - like Orchids. Well worth a good google as there's plenty of stuff out idea for weed tho...all I've read is it being used to mutate stuff....
Does not Gibbrerelilic Acid make females hermie?
I almost bought a botle of No Mercy's GA, back on the botle it says it make the plant produce more resign and on sativas it might herm.

Any others know about this?


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logic, nice !!! cali mist is some fire !!!! i hear the "old" seeds were the good ones !!! before serious re-formed them !!! good to look thourgh those !!! monkey5
I might be able to come across some nice 10 year seeds thanks to a special friend :happy:

anyone got any tips to maximize the germ rate on the old babys?
scuff them a little with a little sandpaper. I saw a thread on another site that popped a pre-1968 seed. That's at least 40 years old. That is old. He thought at first it was a male, but it turned out to be a girl. I wish I had a cool dad! LOL :laugh:
Good Thing i seen this form i almost toss out about a thousand seed ill try and use your thiery and get back with more info on how i did with the 1990 seeds most are good seed Aloha
Don't throw out those old beans.
I have successfully dissected old seeds and got them to sprout!

First soak them them at about 80 degrees no longer than 24 hours. Then take each seed and gently scrape the edge of the seed that normally splits open with a razor. At the same time gently squeeze with your fingers. After several scrapes you'll see it pop open. Once it opens carefully remove the whole shell, leaving nothing but the embryo. Plant the embryo and pray!

Its not 100% effective but it does work, and better than tossing out beans that could still be good.
Just my 2 cents!
keep germination at 80F + ,low temp will slow things down for sure.


This is the same way i do mine. I place mine on top of a heating pad. Set it to low and check with a cooking prob. Depending on the strength of the heating pad. You might have to cover it with a towel. This will reduce the heat if the low setting is still to hot.

Hot Cargo has the right method.
Good luck,

Sorry, this is the wet paper towel method. Inside a ziplock baggie. Sorry. lol
Wow, this thread just made my day. I have a seeded bud of an indica we grew in Humboldt in 1980 that came to us from a bud grown in Hawaii the year before that was some of the most dense, resinous, and awesomely potent stuff I've ever encountered. If I can get just one girl out of the 100 or so seeds in that bud I will be happy for years to come, and I won't be alone.....
I might be able to come across some nice 10 year seeds thanks to a special friend :happy:

anyone got any tips to maximize the germ rate on the old babys?

Take the seeds and put them in the fridge, wait 1 month take out the fridge and germ as normal.

Can drastically increase the viability of seeds.


I tried popping some Skunk #1 from original 1995 Sensi Seed Bank packaging...

none sprouted.

I have some Durban Poison seeds from the same year. I'll try the fridge idea.