Ghost train haze auto at day 59 from sprout

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Looking good, I wonder how the effects will be compare to the ghost train I've had before. I've only had it from one dispensary but it was ridiculously potent.


Leaves are lime green not yellow it's the flash.
Nice looking little girl....Auto's..?? There's not much more than a day or 2 smoke on the little things. I have 18 of them going now but I can have 4 photo's putting out as much as 18 auto's.

Its interesting growing these little things but I had some of them turn between 3 & 4 weeks,,
,,There's just not enough plant to get much of a harvest out of them. They stretched more than any photo' I've grown but sparse vegetation and lots of spacing doesn't leave many bud sites.

.I hope the smoke is bomb because I'll need it to get through the next few months until my photo's will be done.
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