"ghosting" Plants For Early Planting

Aloha Farm, so I have recently had conversion with someone on here about agribond, its benefits and uses. I'm not sure if this topic has been addressed but made think it would be cool to share. So for farmers in colder or alpine region or every those of us who like huge plants and early start, this is great trick. Agribond comes in different thickness for different temperature but with its many uses for extending grow season, here is technique in nor cal we cal "ghosting". When you have larger enough plant you want to get in the ground but it's a bit early, you can create temporary shelter wrapped in agribond around you plant. You can use fencing stakes in circle, woodenframes, pvc to get that baby in the ground! They look like ghosts all wrapped in the white agribond. I'd recommend some kind of supplemental light, even just an led pathway light. This works best with seed plant but clones can work too! Give them mostly nitrogen to prevent them from flowering. This is a great way to grow huge plants if you dont have greenhouses. Let know if you have tried or thoughts, Mahalo!