ghs cheese clone run 3

have 9 clones under 600w philips HD in a 1.2m2 budbox. 1 week old going to veg for another 10 days and take it from there currently being fed 3ml canna coco A+B per litre of water and 5ml of sesizym to 1 litre of water. Sat in 17 litre pots bar one which is in 11 litre pot. spent 3 days in a very small pot then straight into the big pots where they will stay till harvested. Hoping to get a good return the original pant the clones came from i got 3oz dried with 9 other plants under 600w lighting
any questions feel free to ask will answer where i can
just few update pics not too happy with the clones at present but then i said that when growing from seed then all of a sudden looked real nice, going to put them on 12/12 this weekend so they will beef up nicely then
Nice looking girls there friend:) i would say they are leaning towards the kush arjan used more than a cheese but who knows they might taste like cheese bud