ok here we go, currently in aeroprop 10 clones taken from strongest plant from seed grow. i got 1.5 oz per plant dried last time with only 1 week veg so will be vegging these for 2-3 weeks depending on growth currently sat under a £4 argos lamp with a 11w energy saving bulb in ...

was under a 400w but now decided to go with pkilips 600w mh veg for 3-4 weeks then flip to 12/12
here we go, 8 of the 10 clones potted up the other 2 are being potted today need 24hours more as roots were not as big. feeding rhizotonic for first feed, then next feed 1/4 strength nutes. under 600w mh. as is the mother plant in 25 litre pot that i have added to pics.
Ive got 1 of thos areopropergators and it take 20 cuts, i payed 60quid for it and it was worth every penny, makes cloning simple like it should be

nice pics
awesome work m8. iv currently just started my first ever grow and bought sum cheese cuttings for 5quid each do u think thats to much to pay???