Gibberellic Acid???

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I am aware of GA being used to pop older seeds... I will have a go on that here soon.
I am mostly looking for and increased growth rate.
The other day I mixed a solution of approx 35 to 40 ppm and gave a few upcoming mother plants and spray down. I have a small batch of veggies growing in the light "splash" in my bloom room that also got the treatment. We shall see what happens...
I only plan on using GA on cannabis during the early veg stages.
After this round I will have the ability to do more of a control plant where One will get the treatment and the other will not.


I think he means to use it at extremely low concentrations or meet the stretch monster.
Also parts per billion is probably a good start.
If you can please let us know what you find out.


So far I have sprayed 35 ppm on a few mothers under fluorescent bulbs.
I have noticed a bit of accelerated growth, but no enormous stretch, took some cuts the other day. We shall see what happens...
I also sprayed 250 ppm on a cucumber plant... My hope there was to create more female flowers. I read an article about low ppms 10 to 200 create male flowers and 200 to 400ppm created more females.. Again... we shall see.
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Please post pics, if you use 400 mg/l AKA 400 ppm your plants will stretch themselves to death.
But if your gonna try I wanna watch!

Best of luck bro.


After my cutting are rooted, I will try 200 ppms and see what happens...
From what I have read... I should expect some stretch but also increased female flower production...
We shall see....
IMO - Id avoid chem induced Gibb if your're breeding. Try to breed for (Elongated Internodes) - Recessive; abnormally tall due to elongated internodes; gibberellin over-producer; may require staking but if your using chem to elongate between internodes IDK the genetic designation for induced ein, but in science many geneticist use (ein) for breeder ID and workz awesome in our punnett charts (ein) designates Elongate Internode Reccesive.

ein x ein
----------- ein

ein _____|_____

sht plants in general, common, Recessive gene; gibberellin-deficient mutant; compact due to shortened internodes; attains normal height after application of UPTO 100-ppm gibberellic acid; flowers in 18 + X days. Problem with this procedure is that harvested seed using my Flower Power techniques must have seed dormancy broken with a 3-min soak in 200-ppm gibberellic acid ,cultured phytoplankton, krypton and some other temps and chems needed for dormancy germ . Again, for breeding and experiments not for consumption as far as my taste buds go.
After students have an understanding of Gibb in plants Natural vs Chem Induced. I instruct Xylem'pholem in plants. May I suggest that you use My tourniquet technique that I instruct on trees 1st to master this skill as student will kill trees until they master this tourniquet technique. Once they understand Xy,em/Phloem in trees I show this procedure for plant Stretch, flowering, induce interspecies grafts to cannabis, and I show other uses for Natural Gibb. I try to stay away from spaying chem's on plants and bud that ppl consume. And you can get more Gibb into your plants with WAY more control with my tourniquet technique.
food for thought, IMO
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Dabbling in Oil
I think this bit is what is important:

Treating Yourself - Meet Dr. Frankenbeanstein
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Mon, 06/29/2009 - 08:24 — Konsupsa

Are your expensive Dutch female seeds hard to clone, or when you try to breed them, all you get are hermaphrodites?

Thank Dr Frankenbeanstein, aka the Skunkman, real name David Watson.

A bit of history:
At a 1997 Vancouver Hemp conference, Watson spoke of his research. His main focus was to stop growers from cloning nor being able to create any seeds, from strains being bred in Amsterdam. The funding for this research came partially from the Dutch Government, the rest from DEA. Watson had been busted for growing in Santa Cruz California 3-20-85 and resurfaced in Amsterdam to start his seed company Cultivator’s Choice. DEA supported the Skunkman’s application for a license to grow for research in Holland, even though they should have been extraditing him back to Cali for his 1985 in Santa Cruz grow bust! DEA endorsement was so strong that he was the first to be granted a permit in Holland when several universities and domestic research groups with PHD’s and legitimate reasons for research were denied! The Dutch government even supplied three greenhouses for Dr. Frankenbeanstein to do his heinous experiments, while normal Dutch growers lost all their equipment and had to serve murder-like sentences at that time! Dutch seed companies have become the Monsanto of the cannabis seed industry, and hope to make us all seed junkies at $20 a seed.!

The license gave Hortapharm/Skunkman/DEA control over what researchers are allowed access to pedigreed seeds of predictable quality! The object is to patent up every possible combination of cannabinoids and terpenes with efficacy for every possible disease they can treat, and every possible genetic sequence! Once ready to make the move, they will shut down every medical cannabis grower for patent fraud, and those they can’t will be run out when they produce a more effective product for significantly less than $250 an ounce the growers are getting! The Skunkman’s company Hortapharm, is the only private organization approved by the Drug Enforcement Agency to supply genetics to researchers to this day!

Gibberillen is a natural growth stimulant, that also changes the sex in plants, male to female, female to male. First discovered in the 1930's by researchers looking for hormones to stop elongation of the stem during early growth stages of rice and prevent crop failures due to to drought or excessive rain, during early growth stages. After many years of research, in the 1950's, gibberillens were found that had the optimum of success in treating this problem. This is also when researchers discovered that gibberillens had beneficial effects on many food crops, increasing their yields ten fold! Professor Carlson of Midwestern University created sonic bloom in the late 70's, using gibberillens and fertilizers, that when applied to crops , then bombarded with sonic waves at a specific frequency, produced yields in most crops that were increased 4-10 fold!

The discovery of the effects of gibberillens were first noted by Sues who discovered the product in the early 80's, and tried it as sold by Carlson for increasing his gardens yield by using their product and playing (Music) to his plants. It worked! It not only increased his yields but produced a few seeds in his stable of pure females plants! The ingredient was gibberillens! After using the product several times, he has seeds in every crop there after. Confused as to why, his research discovered the main active ingredient was gibberillen. After using this for several years, he noticed that depending on when you sprayed gibberillens that there would be a few seeds or a large amount of seeds! Size was pretty much increased every time. From these experiments he discovered that pure stable female plants could be sprayed at the (right) times, and produce a few a few male stamens that would create, exact duplicates of the mother and would be feminized seeds, sprouting out as females every seed!

At that 1997 Vancouver Hemp conference Master Grower Seus met Watson and explained his discovery and findings on gibberillens. That information went back with Dr Frankenbeanstein, and when he got back to Amsterdam he called it his own invention and from there came the feminized seed phenomenon.. Watson sold his new discovery to all takers. One Dutch seed bank even claim that it is their own invention, I guess cause the bought the formula from Skunkman? Over application of gibberillens cause smaller and less vigorous seed! The habit of not letting them fully finish, the seeds are grey, in distinct and hard to sprout.

Recently Dr Frankenbeanstein testified at another conference in Canada against the use of industrial hemp in Canada! GW Pharm/Hortapharm are scared of the hemp industry, why? You see, low industrial hemp produces GW’s miracle drug, CBD as a by product! There is primariy one gene that tells a plant to be either a primary CBD producer or a primary THC producer! The Bd gene produces the enzyme that converts cannabigerol into CBD, and the gene Bt gene produces enzyme that converts cannabigerl into THC. If a plant inherits a Bt gene from each parent it will only produce low cannabigerol of CBD, and visa versa if it gets a Bd gene from each parent. If it receives a Bd from one parent, and Bt from another, it will be roughly 50/50 chemotype, but this is not true breeding. Most herb in the med clubs is homozygous for BT, meaning that it does not produce appreciable amounts of CBD. Since CBD actually blocks the psychoactive effects of THC, it was selected against by American breeders, even though it is extremely effective in boosting the medical efficacy of cannabis, especially with regards to degenerative nervous condition, without any psychoactivity! CBD by itself has also been shown to be very effective in treating anxiety disorders with effectiveness of valium and other benzo drugs, without the extreme addictiveness and potential for overdose! Valium and benzos are the most dangerous drugs to detox from! Their withdrawal many times worse than crack or heroin!,

The only time cannabis users ever really had assess to a higher level of CBD was with hashish farmed with populations with varying ratios of Bd and Bt genes! So as it stands now, CBD is not available to any real extent to medical cannabis users! If industrial hemp farmers were to catch on, that they’re producing a very needed medicine, it will harm GW Pharm/Hortapharm!

In the UK all you hear is the dangers of the new Skunk-weed, that it leads to psychosis, that it drives people insane. Just a few years back it looked like cannabis laws in the UK were loosening. Cannabis was re-classified back down to level 2, it was the lowest priority for the police. Then all of a sudden this new Skunk strain is introduced causing mass hysteria and reefer madness, to the extent that cannabis is reclassified back up to level1! What happened?

One thing we know, the last thing that GWPharm/Hortapharm want is the medical cannabis scene catching hold as it has in California, and many other states in the US, in the UK! Hortapharm with the support of DEA and GW Pharm have introduce a geneticly engineered super strain of Skunkweed, that makes people paranoid, psychotic, and makes you completely stupid. If your not an experienced smoker you may not handle it well. First time smoker’s can be scared straight, never to use cannabis again! Remember chief lobbyist/ spokeperson for GW Pharm is an XDEA head!

Cannabis has only been illegal 72 years, it had all ways been legal. 100 years ago you could buy Cannabis Sativa Americana and Cannabis Indica extract from Parke Davis Pharmaceuticals at your local drug store! In fact in the early 20th century Parke Davis seed collectors introduced Indian sub-continent seed into Southern Appalachia to create Cannabis Americana of equal or greater potency to the Indian sub-continent product they were having difficulty importing due to disruption of shipping from world war one! Parke Davis collected seeds from India, Turkestan, and Nepal, and sent them back to be grown in the Blue Ridge mountains and Mexico! Parke Davis Scientist conducted blind trials on themselves and found the American product both more pleasant and more potent! Those heritage medical strains were selected from 100's of years of selective breeding legally! Nothing today comes close to the heirloom medical strains from that period. Anyone who states that the cannabis of today is stronger than yesteryear is dreaming. The pot they smoked in the tea pads of Harlem in the 1920's-30's was much better than any concocted strains today! Dr. Frankenbeanstein with the help of Rob Clarke, Mel Frank, Ed Rosenthal, Milla engineered the largest misinformation ripoff campaign in Cannabis history, that only diluted the original Ice Water technique by attaching the ancient dry seiving method, to confuse the origin of the now patented Ice Water Method. Attaching this seiving technique to the Ice Water method, enabled them to sell Nylon at wedding dress prices, but makes no sense! Due to their scam most of the bag product is no progress since it contains more fiber than old style quality dry seived Hash and lost taste and aroma!

In the Soumi LaValle book on hashish, you see first hand the seiving technique used by a Lebanese family in Baalbek , the different screening process is shown in it’s entirety, from that book came the idea for bags. In a dry seive you don’t release oils, so the naturals terepenes are in the hash, which is sticky. The bag technique releases the oils but only collects broken pieces of resin akin to kief not hash! The Lebanese women doing the seiving, could out perform 1000 people using bags. It wasn’t a revolutionary technique in hash making it was backward steps!

Yet clever Dutch and Canadian marketing sent out a huge learning curve, and people have been ruining there medicine ever since! This ripoff of a patent method will soon be settled in a Canadian court. I hate to burst your bubble but Milla and Bubbleman had nothing to do with inventing the Ice Water technique! A patent which made all traditional forms of processing cannabis obsolete. Dr Frankenbeans sold a patented method that did not belong to him, and laid the foundation for GW Pharmaceuticals, we all know that the first step of making Sativex is Ice Water Extraction! The damage that has been done to Cannabis is immeasurable! He even sold Mexican and Central American genetics, as well as Afghan genetics to GW, as his own!! A call to GW and we were told that David Watson and Robert C. Clarke no longer work there. Robert Clarke’s book on hashish, as well as Rosenthal, Cervantes, Mel Frank, all wrote in support of the fraud. You see those idiots go by one rule, all stoner’s are stupid, they feed on young stoner’s and medical patients with no cannabis knowledge. Since Dutch seed companies control the media and information, they feel that cannabis consumers will buy whatever they tell them to buy!

When old school ran the cannabis scene, you paid $30-50 an ounce for super Columbian gold and red, $60-75 an ounce for high altitude seedless Mexican sativa, $100 an ounce for the best Thai, $150 for Hawaiian so strong you thought you were on acid.! Now you pay $35 for one seed of Jack Herer, which is Mexican genetics. Ed Rosenthal sold our pot culture to the Dutch Monopoly, and now the Dutch seed companies are selling it back to us at $20 a seed!

By 2009, several old school pioneers whose books debunked all the myth and out right lying surrounding David Watson/Dr Frankenbeanstein. Dutch cannabis industry should thank Ronald Reagan by naming a sewer canal after him! Reagan shut us down, imprisoned for years, stripped of their wealth and left with nothing to defend themselves. In fact The Black Tuna gang leaders still in prison nearly 30 years, Brian Daniels the Thai Stick King recently released after 27 years. Howard Marks who no doubt sold a lot of cannabis, was a spoke in the Daniels wheel! They used the US Air force, Navy, and the Coast Guard to shut down the entire Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, the Eastern and Western seaboard, to finally shut us down, but before we were shut down we had a baby, and that baby was called Home Grown American, from the seeds we brought back from Asia!

Watson’s claim that he was the breeder of California Orange debunked by Jerry Beisler’s book, The Bandit of Kabul. In the book Jerry shows his creation California Orange, and some of the earliest photos of outdoor grows known circa 1973-74, Jerry ran one of the earliest documented seed banks in California!

Without Ronald Reagan the Dutch cannabis industry would have never happened, the pot scene is an American phenomenon that spread around the globe!

It is just a matter of time before one of the medical states legalizes and taxes and regulates cannabis. In fact there is a bill being presented in California that would do just that! It would tax cannabis $50 an ounce! The Billions in revenue that would generate would cause other medical states to follow, remember folks we are in a depression! California legalization is the Dutch Cannabis industry’s worst nightmare. Once the coffee shops open in San Francisco, that will be the death of the Dutch ripoff scene. American seed banks will be able to operate openly on the world stage!

Organic land race American seed unpolluted by Dutch genetics will take over the market world wide!

The original strains are still available and wild cannabis still flourishes. American growers are going back to the original heirloom medical strains and creating there own hybrids. Most of the original American strains have been bred and re-bred, engineered and re-engineered by the Dutch seed companies, that at this point are useless to the breeder.

Monsanto terminator technology being applied to our beloved Cannabis by Dr. Frankenbeanstein at Hortapharm in Holland. Let me explain exactly what this means and use cotton as example!

In the cotton example, the goal is to develop a variety of cotton that will grow normal until the crop is almost mature. Then, and only then, a toxin will be produced in the (seed) embryos, specifically killing the entire next generation of seeds. The system has three components: 1. A gene for a toxin that will kill the seed late in development, but that will not kill any other part of the plant. 2. A method for allowing a plant breeder to grow several generations of cotton plants, already genetically-engineered to contain the seed-specific toxin gene, without any seeds dying. This is required to produce enough seeds to sell for farmers’ to plant. 3. A method for activating the engineered seed- specific toxin gene after the farmer plants the seeds, so that the farmer’s second generation will be killed.. These three tasks are accomplished by engineering a series of genes, which are all transferred permanently to the plant, so that they are passed on via the normal reproduction of the plant.

Dr Frankenbeanstein threatened Skunk magazine to have all Dutch advertizing cancelled, which amount to 60% of their revenue, after printing part one of this article! This is the complete article. Skunk, High Times, Cannabis Culture, Weed-World in reality are trade pamphlets, that support the continuing rip off of our cannabis community by Hortapharm/GW Pharm/DEA, and the Dutch Cannabis Industry.

The one beacon of truth telling is Treating yourself magazine in our community. My only claim to fame being that I have always been a general in Lord Shiva’s Ganja Army. Bom Shiva Bom Shankar Joe Pietri

King of Nepal


Dabbling in Oil
Im NOT trying to produce any seeds with this method....
I linked it because of this section saying it increased yields, I should have specified.

This is also when researchers discovered that gibberillens had beneficial effects on many food crops, increasing their yields ten fold! Professor Carlson of Midwestern University created sonic bloom in the late 70's, using gibberillens and fertilizers, that when applied to crops , then bombarded with sonic waves at a specific frequency, produced yields in most crops that were increased 4-10 fold!

The discovery of the effects of gibberillens were first noted by Sues who discovered the product in the early 80's, and tried it as sold by Carlson for increasing his gardens yield by using their product and playing (Music) to his plants. It worked! It not only increased his yields but produced a few seeds in his stable of pure females plants! The ingredient was gibberillens! After using the product several times, he has seeds in every crop there after. Confused as to why, his research discovered the main active ingredient was gibberillen.
I'm shoving bout 200 - 500 mHz into the medium also,,, trying experiments w/direct connections instead of snd induction. 1st that Ive seen; Were monitor plant endurance, vigor, xylem flows with Lillypad...-
Yes it works ,but IMO, its not economical yet ,example, Hydrofarm asking 1000's for these machines... I got the Nutes refined for the machines,,, Its more about Micros than Macro's, but I need to dial this in , problem, its flipN the ph so erratic. My simple device is still under a $100 not included in price is the LinoTron -the nutes are custom per plant not the crop, its dialed in that finite. And none of the machines, not even Dr Carlson takes into account for light frequencies,,, this is a game changer when you understand underbelly stomata's on cannabis,, Im positive that light refraction and spectrum combined with this science will change some of our lighting principles in plant light reflection,,, University studies not only verify mHz science, it has verified my spectrum experiments on the under side of plants. I know these new technologies will soon verify what I speak of -my reflection/convection material designed and university tested for cannabis/tomatoes/strawberry combined with sonic ionic will be a break through, I wonder who will and can figure it out 1st and dial it in.

The Light Emitting Diode spectrum hypothesis - light x wgt = mass on Crookes Radiometers will turn out to be correct; then this proves what I'm saying . Anytime you control the stomata's on cannabis something going to happen,,, But if growers can grasp new break thoughs in breeding and have the ability to formulate their own opinion if there strain is a C3 or c4 plant then they will and can have complete manipulation of foliar feeding and stop locking root mediums with salt. btw, it kill bugs it you know how to work it with the nutes but not economical yet...


Dabbling in Oil
Has anyone done any experiments with sine waves? Like with speakers on each side of the plant so that it creates a space in the middle that will float styrofoam?
Having a plant grow in the middle of sine waves with gib foliar would be a cool experiment.
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