Girl Scout Cookies Is Nothing But Hype

The reality of it is... every few years a brand new strain gets created and is hyped beyond belief. Different people enjoy different highs, potencies, etc. and everyone has a different palette. What tastes the best to one person may taste disgusting to another.

Given the fancy strain names that are created purely for hype and buzz, it doesn’t surprise me that after waiting to see what the hype is all about, not everyone agrees with it once they smoke said hyped strain.
It is my opinion that you are not growing the original GSC. Even here in southern Califonia you can not get it. It is run by exclusive people and anything you ran was most likely not GSC. Real GSC is not even in the medical clinic anymore even when it was here in socal only one shop out ouf 1M people had it stocked 1/4 of the year.

I am a daily smoker who smoke pounds upon pounds of high grade every year. I grow my own outdoor kush and select seeds to test out gentics. When I first cam across the real GSC the first thing I noticed besides the catpiss smell was a kush armona. The nugs are always small but dense and frosty and sticky. I know it was not a preference thing because when I let someone try the cookies they always say whoa where did you get that.

Anyways all the people selling cookies these days acually have whats nown as a forum cut GSC and its peppery and purple. smell like chicken sometimes because the pepper note. The high is very nice smell good and is of quality but nothing like the real GSC. The deference being smell and density. Real GSC buds are very dense and creamy. The smell leans more kush and amonia and thats why the high is so dang potent! The GSC hits you right in the center and sides of the head hits the whole body and 1 hour after you smoke it you wont wana be hitting the bong for another hr. GSC is mind blowing potent and whats lost in yield makes up for the quality as people would pay triple price for 10x the high. GSC was acually stronger than any og kush i have had and ranks up there in the most potent weed i ever smoked and can be found around 4-5 on my list of top 10.
You pretty much described exactly what I have. I like it, not debating where it’s from or an original. I got mine from about an hour east of LA. Really don’t care. The reality of it is that the strain I have access to doesn’t yield enough for my particular application. Definitely correct, bag appeal and smell are first in the hype. If you can hit all 4 the look, smell, taste and high. That’s legendary like stated above, super silver haze and skunk are both legendary.
Like centralcoast said above there’s always the next best new thing. And that’s in every facet of life. TVs, phones, ballast, bulbs, nutrients, sports drinks, Beer, the list goes on forever and will never stop. Always the newest and latest next best thing. What it comes down to us what you like and what suites your particular application. As long as your happy there is no wrong answers as to a favorite strain. I can’t tell you what you like best and vice versa. And just because someone doesn’t live in a particular area at this moment doesn’t mean they haven’t or they don’t have access to.
Good structure. Never saw a legit grown version (Arizona) but the wax I got was legit. Everything else in the gsc family is better, quality wise.. Forum seems better than the original but who knows I'm in fucksville and I've only ran gsc bagseed (and it all herms)
Not to change the strain subject here but we are talking about strains in general somewhat....I smoked some of that Death Bubba recently and almost certain it was grown by GML himself. A friend from Canada brought it down. Just a little bit. It's not really hyped...but it deserves to be. Wow. It's like a perfectly grown Bubba but better. And yes.. when you break a nug has them gooey taffy like strands of oil or whatever it is. Just like on GML's vids. I can only imagine what some concentrate oil or wax would do to a man even with the highest tolerance. Ok...just thought I'd throw that out there since we are talking hyped strains. Death Bubba man. Not really all that hyped. At least not nowhere nears GSC. But DAMMIT if it doesn't deserve it. If you like extreme potent indica with massive flavor...oh boy. Just grown dried and cured to damn near perfection. I am a Bubba freak myself. And I've sampled Bubba types from just about everywhere. This is hands down THE best one I've sampled no question.
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I like all the bubbas that I have tried. Gotta thin out the mom room here soon. So hard to do when your a strain whore like me. This Honey Banana I’m running now is coming along beautifully. Very fruity and sticky. I’ll have a smoke and wax report on it in about 3 weeks.
I've been rocking what I was originally told is platinum GSC, but recently found out the cut we actually got was apparently space cookies?
Apparently came from a farm in Oregon originally, we picked it up from a grower in the lower mainland BC.

Smells like diesel fuel with a hint of berries, small but densely packed calyxs, burns super clean and very smooth. No purple, fades from green to yellow. VERY dense and sticky pot. I like. I cant say it's all hype here. Anyone who tries it absolutely raves about how good it is. And the high is incredible.

They do look much more dense when dried too. Like crystal balls.

Yes Girl Scout Cookies is nothing but fire. I've been smoking it since burner started bringing it out and making it hot again. Over a decade ago. Amazing when I first saw the strain straight from Frisco. That strain people didn't sell for less than 400 an oz . And if you have tried this strain from any other store but his I would say it's probably wasn't really cookies. Best for anxiety and adhd.
I would have to agree about the low producer.
The one circled on the right is my GSC and it’s about the same size as the grapefruit on the left.

The difference being. I just chopped this in the front row from the tops of the grapefruit today.

So I will reserve my final decision on if it continues to be in the mix until smoking time but I am leaning towards no.


I haven't tried real GSC yet,just some auto version from Fast seeds and it wasn't bad,i liked it.....But now I see it looks nothing like all the GSCs you show here:)I know photo and auto versions cant compare but it was nice to me(I don't smoke so much so I like most of the strains I get).
It's not all hype but It's not what everyone claims it to be. Is it better then Pre 98? Is it better then Deez or Chem? It's just another strain with a clothing line and marketing behind it. This is nothing new. The idea that the "real" cut isnt out there is quite funny. You are telling me this sought after strain with all the hype around it hasnt been taken out of a warehouse? That the orig dudes are the only ones working in all of these warehouses/greenhouses? They are pumping lbs and lbs of it in stores and multi states but no one has access to the clone? This isnt the 90/2000's. Hard to keep genetics on lock at that level. Specially if you have all the marketing and say "No one" has it. That is almost a challenge to some. It's not like GSC came out last year.

Like what you like. There is nothing wrong with liking the strain. Same goes for if you don't like it. Why there is more then 2 strains of weed. What is telling is most people with cookies end up running a cross of it vs keeping the orig mom for a long period of time. That should be telling in itself. I know out of all my buds no one ended up keeping it and running the mom vs the crosses.