Glue Gelato auto on a "twin" (Sun & LEDs) light schedule

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Hi growers,
I just wanted to share this
my GGauto is now at week 8, flowering since week 5.
I started it indoors,with 3 LED cheap light bulbs,15W 3000K,1050ln (the kind you use at home,but i cut off the plastic bulb that spreads the light),for the first 2 weeks,and then gradually i exposed her to sunlight (since where i live is spring time and I get at least 8-10 hours of direct sunlight)
So far things are looking OK,even though i stupidly cut off two fan leaves from the middle last week ,which i regret,as i learned that they contribute to the flowers,and they wer not casting any shadows.)
I now keep her as much as i can at the sun (abt 10-11 hours daily), even on cloudy days ,as long as the Lux meter shows more than what i get with my lamps(anything more than 10.000 lux,which is what i get on average in my "grow tent")
So I keep her under light 24 hours a day, 10-12 in direct sun,the rest in the tent.
No signs of any deficencies or light burns so far.
Distance i keep the lights from the top 10 cm (as they are not producing any noticeable heat)
I ll let you know the end result soon..


My friend uses Metal Halide & Sun in his grows. He just bought a tent 3x3 I'll help him setup.


Don't worry about the fan leaves. I take away every other ones on Autos before flower. About 7-8 weeks in i strip the bottom 1/3 of the entire plant. The plants below i probably stripped 4-5 Wal-Mart bags of leaves off..

Its all personal preferences on the leaves. Yes I leave some on but only about 3 or 4 sets. The buds will condense and have plenty of leaves there already.

I would suggest if you are supplement sun light and going to 40 watt double strips led if a full on grow light is out of the question. I use 2 of them for seedings week 1-3 about 3-4 inches off the plants giving them 20000-25000 lux. But in flower I would be trying to get at least 40,000-55,000.

If your looking for a budget light that does well, kingbrite on alibaba true 240 watt with Samsung 301h works well. Last I checked their 3500k with 600nm red 240 quantum was around 120.00 and 40 shipping.
Hope that helps.
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