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Starting my second grow, hoping that I have learned enough to have a smoother experience. There are a lot of changes this time, proper soil, light, nutes, tent and a little knowledge.

And right off the bat, I let her get to dry and lost some leaves but she has recovered and is growing well.

Clone was potted a week ago in a one gallon bag and has had one feed at 200ppm. I'm using sunshine#4 heavily amended with perlite, close to 50% (lost count of scoops). No other amendments added. Plant will be transplanted into 7gal fabric pot.

light started at 20% and have increased to 40%, increasing 5-10% a day. This is the light I'm using, light. I have a second that is currently lighting my other flowering plant. Once that finishes I'll be adding it to this grow for a total of 210. I also have a SF1000D that I could add for a total of 310 watts.

In addition to nutes listed below, I have on hand, silica, cal/mag, epsom, DE, Dolomite lime. For pests mosquito bits, neem oil spray, spinosad( captain jack's). I have TDS and PH meters.

I'm growing in a 32x32x60 tent, 190cfm 4" extraction fans x2, one oscillating fan, plant stand. Ive covered outside of tent with blackout curtains to prevent light leaks(double damn sure). Considering reducing sqft with a piece of drywall since I am only growing one plant.

Looking into environmental controls, really want to try to dial in VPD. That is if affordable. Hot temps around the corner, good chance of 120's this summer. Pretty much in the 112 to 118 daily. My tent is in side so whatever I can maintain in my home is what the plant will get.

Unless you all think this is to advanced for a 2nd grow then, I intend to mainline this plant considering that I have only 60" in vertical grow space. I'll be using the excellent guide right here on THCF.

1. Are you growing from seed or clones? Clone, Runtz
2. How old are your plants? week one veg
3. How tall are your plants? 3 inches
4. What size containers are they planted in? 1 and 7 gallon bag
5. What is your soil mix? Sunshine #4 amended with a ludicrous amount of perlite.
6. How often do you water and what type of water do you use? Every 2-3 days RO
7. What is the pH of your water? RO
8. What kind of fertilizer do you use and what is its NPK ratio? GH floramicro, florabloom, Lucas. I have grow but not using.
9. Do you foliar feed or spray your plants with anything? No
10. What kind of lights do you use and how many watts combined? Led 105watts x2
11. How close are your lights to the plants? 30 inches
12. What size is your grow space in square feet? 7.1 sqft
13. What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space? 70-80f 30-40 RH
14. What is the pH of the soil? Unknown
15. Have you noticed any insect activity in your grow space? Fungus Gnats- a few after water/feed.
16. How much experience do you have growing? one grow not finished, HERE.



First question, is plant ready for top to start main-linning? Where to make cut?



Sunshine #4 comes with RESiLIENCE which is sungro's trade name for silica. Does any one know if this is enough? Or should I plan on adding more?
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