Going From Seed This Time Around.. L.a. Kush Cake, Blue Gelato #41 & Secret Cookies X Kush Mints #11

This is my first run from seeds. The reason I decided to go this route was due to having spider mites on my last run. I got the clones from a good friend and did no preventive maintenance, my bad. I left the room empty for a year. I am resetting and changing things up.

First run with LED, Spydrx Plus. I was running 6 1000’s in Block Buster hoods.

First run with coco running Cocotek compressed bricks. I ran a Current Culture and loved it just wanted more plants than 12. Ran Sunshine #4 in the past and loved it due to hand watering and being able to do it every 3-4 days. Ran flood trays with rockwool and hated it.

First run with GH Cocotek nutrients. I ran Flora Nova, Dutch Masters and AN

Strains are...

Barney’s Farm Blue Gelato 41 feminized

Seed Junky Genetics L.A. Kush Cake feminized

Seed Junky Genetics Secret Cookies X Kush Mints #11 regular seeds

All the Barney’s popped

3 of the Seed Junkies did not pop.

Most are doing ok but I have a few stragglers that I am trying to work with as I am going to pick a couple of each strain for mother’s. You never know one of the stragglers might be the one lol.

My room is 9 x 15 with almost 8’ ceilings. I have used the entire room before but that was a pain crawling under the plants and having no work space, yet it was the best results. I now have some built in trays I made and have much more room now.

I will be using this as my flower room moving forward and vegging in a 8x4 tent.

I read online that it is necessary to buffer with Cal Mag and I did.

I popped the seeds in a paper towel then placed in Root Riot Plugs. Next time I will go straight to Coco due to the amount of water the plugs hold after transplanting into the solo cups with coco.

They stalled a little due to over watering in the beginning. They started to have issues and I think it was to over watering and the PH being a tad low and not getting enough CalMag. After I raised the nutrient PH to 6.0-6.2 they started to take off a bit.

I am giving the strugglers 25%-30% nutrients and going to let them skip a watering and see if they pick up some steam.

The T5 is on 24/7 for now and temps are consistently 79°-81° at the leafs (have not turned on the ac yet) with RH around 60%-65%. I turned on my CO2 4 days ago at 800ppm as this is a sealed room.

I will be putting them under one of the Spydrx in the next week.

My last run was a nightmare due to letting some get too big and not putting in the work.

This run I will put in the time needed.

I have a ton of questions but will start with only a few.

1. Should I run my CO2 PPM less or more at this stage, they seem to like it?

2. Do you think the twisted leafs where due to PH?

3. Since I am going from seed and do not know these genetics should I not top them and not do HEAVY defoliation

Any help/advice I can get will be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone in advance, much love
I plan on doing multiple feeds per day but do you think these pots are going to be big enough. I am only going to veg probably 2-3 weeks from this point
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I didn’t sleep the two nights ago because I was cleaning the garage and room from 8pm till 7 am. Feels so good to have it about 90% ready and more space to move around