Going On An Italy Trip

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Hello everyone, I am sorry to write in English in your Italian forum section but I am going to be in a small hotel in the centre of Rome in the end of March and my buddy and I are going to have some free time. If we could meet up for a chit chat it would be awesome :) Also, recommendations for best spots to visit? Thank you in advance and all the best with growing.


The Spanish steps, the colluseum (il colosseo), il vaticano, and many more. You may want to learn some key phrases and customs before you go.(ex. greet men with signore, women with signora, always show respect). depending on where you are; cannabis(cannabia Indiana) goes by several names. Maria is a common one in the south.learning a few simple greetings/phrases will help you tremendously.
Anyway, buona fortuna é buon divertimento(good luck and have fun)
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