Going to Cannabis Cup 09??

Hello fellow farmers, are any of you planning to attend the Cannabis Cup this year? I am looking for group of people to join me because it will cut the cost of expenses tremendously. I am planning to travel from Nov.16th thru Dec.16th. If anyone would like to share the expense on an apartment or hotel please let me know. If I go by myself I will probably have to stay at a hostel to cut costs. Hostels arent that bad, are they? :sun Hope to hear from you soon.


Hey whats up DEKA You should mention were your traveling from, if you want to meet up in Amsterdam, and were you want to stay, how much you think would be a good amount of $$$? I'm curious.
I found an aprtment for 2400 and it can house up to 4 people. I am flying out of the southeast coast, RDU. It has a kitchen so that should cut down on food expenses. Plane ticket 840. I am budgeting myself at 7000. I am not one to go totally crazy and buy a bunch of stuff all day long. I might spend about 80 a day on smoke, if that. Cannabis cup is on the table for sure. Is it woth picking up a judges pass? This will be my first trip to Amsterdam and would like to get my fill of the culture and food. I am also going to check out Haarlem.
I am a 30 yr. old professional and would like to share housing with like-minded people if possible. Thank you for all of your comments. If I house by myself, I am looking at 1400 at the Abba Hotel. I would much rather prefer sharing an apartment with 3 other people at 600 each.
1 week in Amsterdam wow bro, thast gonna cost you a bomb, you isnt gonna come back with anything to show from your trip coz your gonna toke it all up lol.

Amsterdam biggest ripp off place on earth but gr8 place to meeet old/new friends
Thank you all for responding. I have found someone to share housing with. Fortunately for me, she has made many friends in her profession and a co-worker in her building that she has built a professional relationship with offered us her home in Iceland, if we make it there, and knows some old friends that own property in Amsterdam. If we are lucky we will stay free of cost. How exciting. Thanks again. Regardless, I will be in town within the days posted above if anyone wants to have a smoke and greet.
Looking for buddies to hang with

I am coming to Amsterdam By myself for a week, and am looking for some cool people to hang out with, am a chilled out former marine who needs a break from the combat world. Normal type of guy other than that.
I am coming to Amsterdam By myself for a week, and am looking for some cool people to hang out with, am a chilled out former marine who needs a break from the combat world. Normal type of guy other than that.
I am sorry I am not going this year. But if you are going around the time of the cup you will meet a lot of nice, cool people.

The High Times cup sucks as a way to judge reefer or any such legitimacy (After all it is run by High Times) but it is a great time to meet people and sneak into the Melkweg (through the cafe side). People will generally let you use their passes to buy ganja at a discount and usually a day pass is enough should you want to see the expo.

Get someone who has a nicer lanyard to let you use their "official" one and tuck it in so the lanyard shows but the pass is hidden.

Don't say because Im female that I get away with it because I have gone every year since 2000 and only paid in 2000! I have been to every awards show (Thanksgiving night), and we used to go with 2 of my x's fellow producers, 3 guys and 1 gal!

So, it is possible to attend the cup and have a great time without supporting High Times.

For 4 of those years we stayed at a local artists house in Amsterdam.(RIP H.O) It was free but we always bought him dinner, paid for a cleaning woman after we left and left him tons of hash and grass we had left over! The best way to visit the cup is as a local! .

AMS Thanksgiving Wkend

Hey -- I'm headed to Amsterdam tonight and looking to meet up with some folks. I'm staying near Centraal Sta and headed to the last day of the Cup tomorrow. I'm 28 yo, professional guy, from San Diego. Drop me a line.
yeah amsterdam is sooooooo expensive! I've been to the cannabis cup twice. 2005 and 2007. the value of the dollar was noticeably worse in 2007 than 2005, enough to put me in credit card debt.......

it was an amazing experience though! i dream about it still, it's just so beautiful! it is my home away from home, forever

here though. check out these video's to get you amped up. i feel these accurately depict the scene there during the Cannabis Cup.