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They are both polyhybrids so you will have your choice among offspring. Probably sativa leaning though, if I had to guess what dominates.
whats the question

nothern lights X sour D or Sativa

doesnt make sense on its own
I think the question is if a cross of Northern Lights x Sour D would be considered an Indica or Sativa.

And I think Phenotyper hit the nail on the head...that there would be some variation. With an Indica and Sativa mix you are bound to have a bit of both show up in the progeny.

Hope that helps
ya i dunno tho, i thought the op wanted help buying seeds, as in northern lights X sour d, or anything sativa based..

just a weird way to ask a question

welcome anyway op
its an indica sativa hybrid.. nl a poly? ha!! a poly is when u take multiple hybrids n coss em. nl is made from orig. sour d is 80 sat 20 ind i that range, nl hella indica prob 80 ind 20 sat, ive seen sum at 100 indicaclaims for nl but def not. its pron a 60/40 or 50/50. meaning half indie leaners half sat. also depend on wat nl and sd was used tho so rough estimate
its an indica sativa hybrid.. nl a poly? ha!! a poly is when u take multiple hybrids n coss em.
Last I checked, NL wasn't a landrace and has both sativa and indica genetics. Making a cross, a polyhybrid. Even if most of the time it breeds true, it is still a hybrid.
hey Miss Meliss...
in regards to the Parent strains i would say 60/40 Indica/Sativa ratio.... maybe even 70/30. Mainly Indica strain
uhm its a hybrid dude a 3 way hybrid all pure. well the real nl. u still on that? lol. heres a polyhybrid lineage (skunkxog kush) x (gdpxaliendog) x sfv og bx2.. that is an insane poly. skunkxafghani is a hybrid even if crossed to another pure line and yes eveven another. now if u took (skunkxafghani) which is a hybrid to say (northern lightsxblueberry) that would be a lower level poly. nl the original is a 3 way hybrid made by true breeding strains not a poly!!!!!! i get u tho if its not a landrace its a poly lol. there are landraces out there that have naturally pollenated other landraces before lol what r those in your book? subcools jtr is a polyhybrid if u get a few hours read the lineage lol. good day sir. nl is a 3 way hybrid period.. if u dont get it i frankly dont care.