good ppm for freshly rooted clones?

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I was wondering what tds/ppm would be a good starting point once the clones I took are well rooted and put into the hydroton filled pots and into the main ebb and flow table? 1000 watt hps, 3x3 e and f, advanced sensi a/b bloom and grow? Should I start out with some bloom nutes to get the roots a rockin? Im sorry if I have stepped across the line by posting too much but Im very anxious about this and I need to learn as much as possible in the smallest amount of time, but I guess there is no teacher like experience, but a starting point would be grand!


nice! I just threw four moms into some 6 inch square nursery pots to get rooted in. I made my own mix out of ground up rapid rooters, coir, worm castings, vermiculite and perlite and some great white myco. Im hoping these little girls will give up some clones within the next month so I can get this ball rolling!


All I can say is start low if its a new strain. Less is always more. I start with around 300ppm with freshly transplanted clones using sensi grow, superthrive, algen, and roots excel.
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