Gorilla Grow Clone tent 32"x24"x24" light options and clone schedule

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I have a cloning tent from gorilla grow. Its dimensions are 32"x24"x24" and came with a pc fan and mini air filter to exhaust

I would like to maintain cuts in there for as long as I can. My current setup is only a 5x5 tent which would be occupied by the plants I took the cuts from for potentially 13 weeks.

With just these two tents, is it possible to have twelve girls ready to transplant into my raised 4x4 I have in my flowering tent, on the same day I chop?

What would be an ideal light unit/setup? I am leaning towards the x1 mini bar from ChillLED or the x40 from KindLED. Would either be enough light? Could I get away with just mounting with zipties to the top of the clone tent?
Gorilla grow cone tent
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